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I am no longer under the control of religion

By Stormcloud ~

There. I said it. Or rather, thought it to myself and confessed it through this keyboard to those reading. I'm thankful there's an outlet like this where I can come forward with my true feelings on this topic. It feels good to read the stories of those who share a reality mentality. To feel like I'm not the only one.

So here's my story.

Growing up in a Christian home with Christian family and friends, I never felt any reason to question my beliefs. I went to church every Sunday like a good little girl and got baptized and saved at a young age. I felt so special, like God just wanted me in his life from the moment I was born. How naive and conceited of me...

Looking back I know the truth. It wasn't some fictitious "God" who wanted me. It was me who wanted to belong and be a part of what everyone around me was. I was spoon-fed scriptures and brainwashed myself with Christian contemporary music. I still have a Christian playlist on my YouTube that if I knew how to get rid of I would!

18 years of my life I was imprisoned but pampered to the point I enjoyed my imprisonment. Never even recognized it as such. I thought I was living the dream. Until reality hit. Until the questions started pouring in.

See the thing with Christianity is they make you believe you're here for a purpose. That God knows every hair on your head and he put you here for a reason. That everything is under his control and that he is good. But there's where the inner turmoil began.

If God is good and in control of everything, why isn't everything good? Why was I born into the "one true belief" and a saved soul while there are people who've never been introduced to my religion who ought to suffer for all eternity? Why am I waking up to breakfast and a drink of my choice every morning while there are kids in 3rd world countries who starve to death and have no clean water?

When I started to ponder on a so called "Good God" in a world full of evil, I began to notice a contradiction. If God is all good, why is there evil in the world? Well most Christians would answer that there's evil in the world because of the fall of Adam and Eve and the corruption of Satan.

Okay, I'll bite. If that were the case, then how come God put a tree in the garden that we weren't aloud to eat from, AND created a talking snake to guide us into eating it knowing that we would. How come he punished us when we didn't even know the difference between good and evil and didn't even know that eating what he said not to was wrong? If he is our so called father, then what kind of sick twisted parent tricks their kid into this and then punishes every generation from then on out for their actions?

If God created Satan and is all knowing, he knew he would fall from pride and corrupt the world and lead people astray and into Hell. And he was okay with that and created him anyway. You've got to be kidding me.

When I started questioning why he would allow evil to exist in the first place when he was supposedly in control of everything, I started to realize the innumerable contradictions of this faith and that it wasn't him who was in control, but yet I was still being controlled by this man made religion.

I began to set myself free without even realizing it.

It took a lot of deconverting and exploring facts more. In the end, all I had to do was look up contradictions in the Bible on google and reading through those iced the cake.

Finally my questions were answered. The Bible was created by humans, that's why it's imperfect. That's why God isn't there for those in need, because he doesn't exist, and it's up to humans to help those in need. And judging by the horrible stories we put in the Bible and teach to our children everyday, I can understand why these problems are left unsolved.

All I had to do was look up contradictions in the Bible on google and reading through those iced the cake.Christianity is nothing but a fear-mongering, controlling, money-grabbing, rule-following, orchestrated catastrophe. I hope someday we can move on from this religion. As we have in the past with other religions. Except this time, I hope we can move into reality and invest our minds into things like science and facts and ways to benefit our species and everything else on this planet.

Wouldn't it be so much better to go see what's out there someday and know instead of wasting time making up invisible, fictional characters and worshipping/fearing them and having others do the same?

Society is being corrupted by religion. Imagine how much better life would be if we didn't have to worry about all these crazy, false beliefs polluting our politics, our educations, our ways of thinking.

We should be out there searching for the truth. Not falling for fairy tales. I'm happy to say I've put aside my belief in Christianity, along with my belief in Santa and the Easter Bunny. Jesus and the Tooth Fairy have something in common. They're both made up by people and the good actions that they are credited for are also done by people. And these people should start taking credit for their actions.