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One Thing I Miss About Being a Believer...

By A Former Believer ~

After quitting my Religion, I have had a problem. I always have had ADHD. The problem that follows with this is lack of focus. I have never been able to sit down and work without having a lot of distractions.

When I was young I had the same problem but after converting to Christianity I prayed and suddenly I could work for hours and hours.

It worked like this : after I prayed and I started working, when some distraction occured, I immediately thought about God, and he would ask me to focus and return to Work. It was very efficient. During those years, my grades rose several steps. This was one of the main reasons why I stuck to Christianity for so long. As an adult I have tried several times to come back and achieve the same effect, but without any luck.Today I dont have the slightest belief that a God exist.

When I tell christians about this, they soon proclaim it was a miracle.I don't think so. I remember that when it worked, I considered it to be a psycological effect (without God interfering), but soon oppressed that Idea, and thanked my God for all the work I had done. The power of wanting to believe was the main source of this incredible brain trick.

Are there any fellow former believers who have tried this, and have anyone found a solution?