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Don't Mistake the Church for representatives of God

By Emmanuel Melendez ~

Okay, so just to be clear I am a Christian, an actual real Christian, I've spent years studying the bible with no bias and looking at scripture in historical, scriptural, and cultural context, all the while seeking Gods infinite wisdom on what his word says.

I will start off by saying today's modern church is anything but Gods church. First, church isn't a building, in scripture we see that what church is, is the people themselves. God, nor the people in scripture never refer to church as a building and the funny thing is all these church traditions like weddings or going on Sundays to a building, are not in the bible. So anyone telling you to go to a building, don't even realize that God is speaking about his actual followers who love him and actually follow him.

Since the church has developed many false beliefs have arisen, and God does say a false church, or group of believers would rise during the end times. Some of those false beliefs are that Homosexuality is sin or that Gods love is shown through gaining material items.

I will explain why homosexuality is not sin.

First, the old Law is dead. Ignorant Christians misunderstand the old Law to be the 10 commandments. However the old laws are the first 4 books of our bible. Genesis to Leviticus have about 460 laws meant for the Ancient Israelites. And Jesus, James, and Paul all said the Law is United as one. Why is this important? It's important because if eating shellfish is gone, if divorce being punishable is gone, then so is the verse in Leviticus 18:22, Man shall not lie with man. Secondly, you need to realize Leviticus and Exodus laws were ceremonial laws. That means they were moral laws of good or evil. For example, Ritually speaking, a woman was unclean because of a period, however this doesn't mean she was morally unclean or evil. Ok? Good.

Now, Leviticus 18:22 is also relating to ancient pagan worship. The godess Cybele was a fake God known in that time. Her followers would worship her by having sex in a temple. Leviticus and Exodus are mute and abolished because Jesus died on the cross for sin. His death was prophesied and every credible historian agreed Jesus Christ lived and died. Whether he was God or not, that's up to you.

Anyways, let's keep going. Most anti gay bible scholars agree Genesis creation story and Sodom story do not relate to homosexuality. In fact Ezekiel tells us the sins of Sodom were inhospitality, Greed, and lack of loving. They were a wealthy city that refused to help the poor and hungry. They celebrated prostitution. Some may ask about the event with Lot, and that was merely attempted gang rape. The Romans used to rape those they conquered to show they were dominate. Lot offering his daughters (which was endlessly stupid) indicates they were straight....I mean come on, if they were gay and he knew they were gay, why the hell would he say take my daughters? A shitty dad, but he obviously knew they werent gay.

Anyways, other passages like Romans, and Corithians do not relate to homosexuality.

To you who would challenge this claim after learning all you did above, I will use the example of slavery which many on this site misunderstand, no offense.

Firstly, our modern words are different than words used in Greek and Hebrew. The same word used to say abomination in Leviticus me and detestable. God said eating some kinds of meat was detestable, then after Jesus died and rose, he said we can eat all kinds of meat. So obviously, Abomination doesn't mean something inherently evil in context of scripture.

In the same way, Slavery in the bible isn't slavery. The Greek word used meant servant. God himself says if any man kidnaps another person and makes them a slave, they shall be put to death. Some of you will call it a contradiction because you lack knowledge, no offense. But to those of you who love all kinds of truth, even in things you believe to be fiction, I hope you do listen. In context of Exodus, people who could not pay for something would offer themselves as servants. They would even need to go to court to organize such an arrangement. However, they were equal and had freedom, and they had food, and a place to stay. They would work for 7 years and after 7 years, they would be free of servanthood. Foreigners also would sell themselves as bonde servants. They too had rights and were paid, but not that much.

See the churches and even Atheist issue is that none of you actually study the scriptures in context, cultural context, or historical context. You, most of you read it at face value, hence why you think there are contradictions, hence why you can't notice figurative and literal statements in scripture

My attempt has never been to offend any of you though, but to task you to actually properly study the scriptures and then make your decision. The modern church you see is nothing like Jesus, God revealed that to me. They reject sinners and shun them, their like the Pharisee that Jesus rebuked. You need to seek real Christians who actually obey Jesus two greatest commandments, to love God and to love the neighbor.

Regardless of what you believe, I do know God, and he knows me, so on behalf of us real Christians, I want to apologize for these fake Christians. Jesus himself warns of them in the scripture. He himself said he will tell people who claimed to be Christian that he never knew them. And it will be worse for false Christians because they will lead people away from him. My only intention here was to educate and make you realize that today's modern church is not Gods church. For example, there is a friend I know who had mental issues, and her church ignored her when she sought help, first of all, any real Christian would welcome her, as we through Gods power are changed to be able to live almost as he did. That means being able to love and forgive more despite our human flaws.

Look I will keep this short, all humans have love, have the power to be good. But the false churches and pastors will shun you and tell you that you love Satan. Ignore all of those lies. God makes it clear that we all can do good and love. But when God speaks about people who do not love and hate God, he is talking about actual people who indulge in hating others, who openly seek to hurt others. However, God makes it clear our goodness can't save us for the simple reason that sin separates us from him. In scripture, one of Gods priest died in Gods presence immediately when he made a mistake. God didn't lift up a finger and condemn him, he just died from a single flaw.

The whole bible illustrates that us Humans, though wanting to do good, be good, and love good, are flawed and will make mistakes. God, being the very essence of holiness but also love sent Jesus to die on the cross as a metaphorical sacrifice, not because God isn't powerful and cant save people, but because through Jesus, all who trust in him are renewed and their sins are forgiven. I mean we see God forgiving sins in Exodus through animal sacrifice, or another way to say it, In order for sin to be forgiven, a life have been taken to pay the price.

Just think on that, Sin being so wrong, that in order for it to be forgiven a life of an animal must be taken. Hence why God sent Jesus to die, because Jesus was perfect, and that through hid perfect son, all would be forgiven.

Now don't hate on me, I just wanted to share what the scriptures actually say, and wanted to let you know these modern churches (many people who say they follow God) are not Christians. I mean, you can open up a bible and read the verses where Jesus says it himself.

All I ask, is that if you are going to reject God in his entirely and specifically Jesus, that you'd at least properly study scripture in full context. I mean, the church is as ignorant as some of you, you might as Well equip yourself with what the bible actually says, even if you disagree with it.

Thank you for reading and...Have a good day.