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The Incredible Body of Jesus

By Carl S ~

I used to be impressed by the gospel accounts of the resurrected Jesus, describing how his body differed from the one he had before he died. What I missed were the accounts of his pre-death body. It's a body capable of turning water into wine, a body sensitive to the extent of feeling when a woman touched the hem of its robe, a body being “transfigured.” Even the spit coming from this body, when mixed with dust, restored sight to a blind man. The writers describe a body that cured illness, blindness, epilepsy, madness, and all diseases - merely by touch. It's a body that can restore life to the dead, a body that can walk on water.

This body of Jesus isn't a real body, it's a mystical body. It's the body of a fictitious god; a body consistent with St. Paul's creation of a Christ-redeemer. Becoming aware of this, we're faced with very important questions: Wouldn't such a body be indestructible and overcome any death, including crucifixion? Was the body of Jesus only “apparently killed,” therefore, no claimed “resurrection” ever took place? If we take the scriptural writings at face value, we can conclude: his pre-death and post-death body are one and the same.

Those “good news” writers tell us their “evidence” is gone! How convenient.It was written: like an alien's body on a science fiction program, the Incredible Body of Jesus drifted away above the clouds, and he still lived! “He” wasn't real, though. Without oxygen, human life cannot exist. Those “good news” writers tell us their “evidence” is gone! How convenient. Trust them? Their “Word made flesh” never was real flesh; what remains are merely their words. Millions of humans have been taught their invented “Word” and his alleged words are undoubtedly true. Their spokesmen make sure the majority who hear those words are too lazy or too afraid to question them.

Millions of people, even today, believe they will be given a new body to inhabit after they die. There is no depth of thought in this belief. (As Epicurus pointed out, your body/brain/mind contains the experiences which you are; with a different body, you would not be your-self.) Believers hope their “new” body will be like that of the “risen” Jesus, freed from suffering both physical and psychological, and death itself. This is a grand delusion, one arrived at from blindly trusting their scriptures, with their rewards promised by a “god-man” in human form.

What about those gospel and epistle writers? Let's suppose you were an ignorant writer in ancient times, claiming to believe the end of the world was imminent. You could write the most fantastic stories, make the most tempting promises and predictions. You could make out like a bandit collecting admiration and monies by selling promises of another world majestically following the ending of this one. You'd take a gamble no one would be around to check them out! But then the end doesn't come. How can those who come after you “explain” that failure away and successfully distract the followers, like one distracts a crying infant? How
can you keep the hopes, reverence, and money coming in? A whole system had to be created to keep the good times rolling for the J.C. casinos. It's called “Christian tradition” - being nothing more than an amassed hearsay collection of “alternative facts.”