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Describing God

By Michael Runyan ~

Christians worship a god that they believe has three parts- a father, a son, and a spirit. The son took on an earthly body for about 30 years, and the spirit produced a wind at the Pentecost. The father walked around the Garden of Eden after the fall, and was seen by a few prophets in the Old Testament. Let’s focus on him,, the father, and ask these questions about his characteristics:

  • Does God have a body? If so, does it look like a human as suggested by the scriptures?
  • How big is God’s body?
  • Is God a male, or a female, or hermaphroditic?
  • If God is a male, does he have a penis? If so, why?
  • Does God have a specific location in space? Where might that be?
  • Does God have long or short hair?
  • Does God have emotions- as suggested by scripture?
  • Does God watch everything happening, even evil acts such as the Holocaust? If so, does he have the power to stop them? If so, is there a reason he chooses not to?
  • Does God speak all 6500 human languages fluently?
  • Does God dwell in some inaccessible dimension?
  • How does God decide which prayers to answer?
  • Why does God hide himself? Why has he been so silent for the past 2000 years?
  • Does God interfere in sports or politics?
  • Can God listen to 20 million prayers being stated simultaneously?
  • Does God take any days of rest anymore?
  • Which denomination is God most pleased with? Does he lend more favors to that group?
  • Can God visualize the entire universe in real time, rather than being restricted by the speed of light as humans are?
  • Can God speak in audible, recordable sounds?
  • Why does God allow false religions to proliferate?
  • Does God engineer all human fertilizations? If so, why does he allow most of them to fail spontaneously?
  • Does God hate homosexuals?
  • Does God have control of the weather? If so, why does he not respond to any weather-related prayers?
  • Does God inform world leaders on when to go to war?
  • Did God create hell? If so, does he believe it is moral to place people there?
  • Does God believe in demons- his son did?
  • Does God believe in capital punishment? The scriptures suggest yes, emphatically.
  • Does God believe that men are higher order creations than women?
  • Why does God need middle-age, pseudo-intellectual, quasi-academic men to ‘demonstrate’ his existence, when houseflies need no such support?
  • Is God concerned about the growing army of atheist authors, debaters, and bloggers?
  • Is God itching to send his son back to the Earth?
  • Is God learning anything new, or does he already know everything?
  • Is God worried about science learning too much about the universe?
  • Is God embarrassed that the Andromeda Galaxy is on a collision course with our Milky Way?
  • Why did God make the universe in such a way that it appears not to have been designed by an intelligent architect?
  • How old is God? His son? The spirit? Were all three created at the same time? If so, why were the son and spirit not revealed to his chosen people?

Each of these questions is unanswerable, other than taking wild guesses. And this is a good reason to conclude that this god is not a real being, and that worship of such an amorphous, indecipherable deity is not logical. We rightfully don’t believe in the Loch Ness Monster, or Big Foot, because the evidence for such is so vanishingly slim, but billions of us believe in a being who is much less plausible and who is supported by no tangible evidence whatsoever- and whose characteristics are virtually unknown.