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Residue: (What I Gladly Keep from Religion)

By Steve Dustcircle ~

While the most frustrating thing about being an ATHEIST is unlearning a lot of fallacies and myths, there are a few good reasons to have come out of a religious upbringing.

I understand where Christians are coming from in conversation.

I already know their religion throughout.

I know the problems with other religions, as my stance against them are the same: the errors.

Integrity and honesty. I don't go out of my way to be deceitful or manipulative.

Generous and kindness. I still try to give of myself without worrying about resource or greed.

I understand that friends are more important than blood. Family are stuck with you, but friends are usually chosen based on agreements and likenesses.

Concerned with people and the planet: stewardship.

Acceptance of others. weird-acting people, deformed people, strange beliefs, crabby people, etc.

Commitment to my spouse, promises, and loved ones.

Investing in what I believe in: books, organizations, younger generation, events, products, etc.

Music, art, writing (hobbies).