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My Uneventful Departure

By Jason C. ~

My departure from Christianity wasn't as painful as it'd been for many former Christians on here. My first phases of breaking away were the result of me trying to read the bible from start to finish. Being the soft person I am, I was easily frightened by the Bible. Actually, I'd always had this lurking fear of the damnation it claimed if I did wrong. This was my first realization of how wrong the bible is on many levels. Eventually, it all piled and I broke away, just severed the tie right there. I never did have a strong connection with God or Jesus to begin with, though I'm quite glad I never did.

I didn't actually dig deep into my Atheism until later on though. It happened bit by bit, realizing how prayers went unanswered, miracles seemed to occur to the not as needy, the backwards love standards, and just the general illegitimacy of the bible. A sort of stepping stone for me was The Vegan Atheist, primarily through his Stupid Christian Comments series on YouTube. It was through the featured comments that I realized how ignorant Christianity can be, and it lead to this slightly burning passion I have with the religion today. It's since spread to similar religions, though I do respect Buddhism those like it.

Somewhere down the line I found Ex-Christian. I learned how hard Christianity has affected peoples' lives for the worst. Reading about manipulative churches, abused narrators, and the harsh community that may still surround them, I began questioning how Christianity still has such a grasp on humanity. You'd think the believers would at least follow the bible's laws, or maybe actually read it from start to finish? Then again, even the churches don't tell the whole story.

Being in a Christian household, I haven't told my family of my religious views. I also avoid getting involved with Atheism pages on Facebook as they use that regularly. I'm really unsure how they'll react, but I prefer being safe than sorry. I honestly dislike keeping this under wraps along with other things. Fortunately, it turns out I have quite a few friends who have also left Christianity. Many of us remain silent too I bet, Christians can be rabid to nonbelievers. Sadly since graduation, I haven't been in touch with many as we've went our separate ways.