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Oh, Grow Up Already

By Carl S. ~

For eons, members of primitive, therefore superstitious societies, behaved like little children on a playground. Children can be cruel when they feel they're being treated unfairly. Their retaliation will express itself in the nastiest words. They might taunt each other with threats of "I hope your mom leaves you forever," or, “May you itch all over till you scratch your skin raw." “I hope your dog gets killed by another dog and you get blamed for it." They try to outdo one another in their inventions of nasty vengeances, which they might share with their siblings and parents with complete abandon.

If you want to find ancient curses, go to the psalms. You'll be surprised at how many of them are pleas for revenge and punishment on those who are making life difficult for the pray-er, (apologists call those curses "imprecations”). And a lot of them reveal that the righteous ones are envious, jealous, and angry, because of the obvious good fortune of the un-righteous. And boy are they angry, because things are supposed to be just the opposite. So much for the O.T.

Enter the N.T., where the new and improved childish curses, taunts, and threats morphed to include a hell. Then, to the primitive-brained childish threats were added: "You're going to go where you'll burn forever! They'll torture you and you won't ever get to rest!" Or, "You won't get away with anything ever again, and you'll never, ever, get out." Oh sure, there's that "forgive your enemies, do good to those who do you harm" up front, even "forgive your enemies as you will want to be forgiven" facade. Reality: "I hope that bastard gets everything he’s got coming to him," and "Maybe he's getting away with it now, but he'll rot in hell." For, you see, many people can't free themselves from mindless, ancient, childish, knee-jerk retaliation reactions. Many aren't content with waiting for their "vengeance of hell." They want revenge for real and perceived damage to their egos and beliefs, now. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all based on revenge. (The "Holy Land" is another term for the never-ending tradition of revenge, counter-revenge, among religious-based cultures.)

Since believers consider themselves caring, even loving, while also believing in "hell" and "the power of prayer," shouldn't they be praying constantly to their god to eliminate that "place of eternal torture” forever? And any real redeemer who claimed to love humans would give his life to eliminate any place matching that description. And what's the point of a "hell" anyhow? Does it prove anything? Couldn’t anyone come up with a better "solution?" After all, believing that anyone who doesn't agree with believers must absolutely be eternally tormented is insanely perverse.

If you want to find ancient curses, go to the psalms. You'll be surprised at how many of them are pleas for revenge and punishment on those who are making life difficult for the pray-er
Who is supposedly destined for that fabricated place? Why, humans of course. If there is anything this creator-god of hell doesn't approve of, it's humans, for every religion tells us this. They just can't be good enough for him. Why is this so? It's because of our natures. We have ears to hear, and eyes to see, bodies to touch with, tongues to taste, all senses to know with. We have minds that can analyze reality and reject what doesn't make sense. The created condemning god is just like all the other gods and offers no evidence of existing. He too is invisible, tasteless, untouchable, inaudible, and unlistening. According to his spokesmen, all things good and evil are permissible to him, same as with all other gods. In spite of the fact that every time we tried to shine the flashlight of doubts into the darkness of faith, God's people did everything to extinguish it, and still we found our way out into the light. This means we have “failed" to accept them and "him" by only being human.

For those who have been taught that atheism is nihilism, we have a message for you: the creation of hell is the Absolute Nihilism, which you believe was created by your creation, the "loving" savior. Oh please, evolve away from the primitive, childish, wishful thinking you still cling to that cherishes such vicious nonsense. And for their mental well-being, stop teaching it to your children.