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I am so glad to be free of that cult

Noelle Layla Stone ~

My mother was raised as a Catholic and so was her mother, and she didn't force me thank goodness (well, not mostly).

The Madhouse
The Madhouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The torment this religion brought to my family is unheard of. People staying in emotionally and physically abusive relationships, people being molested, people overlooking the mental and psychical illness and special needs that runs in my family and that I was born with and deal with on a daily basis.

I feel like religion is crock. People don't think for themselves and they blindly follow. I think people are just too scared to open themselves up to other possibilities. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, sever/moderate clinical depression, learning disabilities, psychical disabilities/cancer, special needs, etc., certainly do not help. I think some family members went nuts because of religion.

I remember my mother with her schizophrenia and bipolar disorder rambling on and on about this Jesus, this Jesus that, saying I was going to hell, because I didn't believe, reading the bible 24 hours a day, talking to imaginary people, hallucinating, doing weird self-destructive things, and now my grandmother has dementia and rambles a lot.

I am so glad to be free of that cult. I really believe Christianity/Catholicism is a mental illness.

I was abused by a child molester, verbally abused/emotionally abused/ tormented/stalked by an uncle, bullied by lots of girls/boys, have a neglectful father, and found out there have been other abusive men in my lineage that got away with it and hid behind their religion as a crutch. Yet, they all claimed to believe in this garage and were some of those most narrow minded people I have heard of.

I have a couple of relatives, thank goodness, who don't seem religious at all, and who are mentally ill as well. By the way, there are a lot of Christians/Catholics with mental illness who like to go around telling people that all they have to do is "pray" and their mental illness will be gone. Just like what they tell with gay people, asexual people,etc.

I also do not like how they treat single mothers, rape victims, childfree by choice, people who do not make a lot of money, people who are on welfare/disability, people who are divorced.

I have sever mental illness myself and a host of other medical problems, and I can say without a doubt, going back to childhood, Christianity and religion has not helped or benefited my family or I in any way. In fact, things got even worse. I am so glad to be free of that cult. Now I just mediate a lot and that seems to be doing more good than anything.