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How Do I Forgive Christianity?

By None the Wiser ~

I can't seem to let it go. I lost my faith when I was maybe 13 or so. I'm nearly 28 now. I've finally come out the other side of ten years of major depression and battling addictions and all the wonderful stuff that comes from losing one's faith and choosing to think for oneself. I've been on the path of healing and transformation for over 2 years. But I can't let go of the pain. I can't let go of the hatred. I fucking /despise/ Christianity. And I don't want to. I fear how much I hate it, and how easy it is for me to dehumanize Christians in my mind.

I hate especially the Christian defilement of Truth and Reason and the prizing of belief over knowledge. I find the very way that Christianity teaches people to think about things and submit their will to be despicable. And the audacity with which they parade their self-deception in public under the banner of truth...

I feel dangerously close to bigotry. I value empathy and compassion greatly, as well as intellectual integrity and understanding. My hatred was definitely waned since my Angry Atheist years, but it remains. I hate them for what they have done to Jesus.

How can I forgive Christianity? How can I heal? How can I love my enemy?