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I am not a True Christian or a Hebrew Israeli

By Rico the atheist ~

Well, since my last post a lot has changed in my life. Let me start with this first before I go any further into this new subject.

First, I may have been harsh and one sided in my last post. In other words, I was being bias. I should have been a little more harsher on myself in that post.

Second, I have not been in contact with my best friend, well former best friend in a while now. I think it has to do with the fact that he chose me as his best man and that was when I was a doubting believer. Well anyways, after a month or so after the wedding I avoided contacting him because I was afraid to admit to him that I became an atheist. Well I did tell him, I think it was in March of this year. Well he asked me in a text message is that why I avoided him, well I did tell him yes and that I was busy with school. I was having a hard time with college algebra, but I manage to get "A" in that class. He did not response after that. It was difficult for me, but I try to take it one day at a time.

Third, I ended up joining an atheist meetup group, here in Jacksonville. They are a very nice group of people. I just kind of wish I could see them a little more often.

Lastly, for a brief period my wife believe she and I were Hebrew Israelis. It was because this guy who runs a Youtube channel called "watchmen reports", made a mock-documentary. That is what I called it. He made claims about how some African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and other minorities are the true Hebrew Israelis from the bible. That the Jews were false Israelis and what not. Well, it got to a point where I really did not want to hear anymore of this guy's B.S.

Now I can begin the new subject from here. Well because of this "watchmen guy" I had to sit through mock-documentaries, some that lasted two hours. it was painful to sit there and watch some of it. He called it the "WHITE-OUT" documentary. Just typing that just frustrates and gives me shudders through my body.

Then things got worse for my wife and I. We were having more arguments than ever before. It probably didn't help that I called this guy a liar, swindler, charlatan, and I believe I compared him to a slimy car salesman. That really didn't help the situation. I should have been a little more understanding, but I did feel like I was backed into a corner.

She even believed that GOD or Ya, had given her a message to give to my side of the family. Well it did ruffle a lot more than a few feathers. I Then had no other choice, or at least it felt that way, I text my mother and my sister that I am an atheist. It went over better than I thought. It is kind of hard to tell when you are in a Latino family, but that is besides the point.

Then things went from worse to BAD. One day I went to the store and I called my wife to let her know I was on my way back. That is when she decides to tell me she baptized our kids, our 3 year-old daughter and at the time 11 month-old son. I will admit at first I was livid. She had already made a few small decisions without me that I was upset about, but now she took a major one away without even so much as a "how would you feel if I baptized the kids."

I decided not to talk to her about it, and I wanted to wait to the next day to talk to her about. I figured I would be calmer and much more rational than the day before. I then waited for a good time to talk and I proceeded to start the conversation.

It was a very interesting way to start that even for sure. I asked her about it and how she did not consult me. Her answer was plain and simple because God or Ya told her to. I then tried to get a real answer from her, and she then told me about her "dreams". She told me she did it because she wanted to raise the kids following the laws of Ya. I proceeded to asked well does this mean I can just do something without consulting you. I will admit her answer made me a little bit mad at her.

So, she asked me to get something from the store and I still wanted to have this talk with her, but it did not happen. I went to the store and picked up a few things, and then I saw some chips and salsa. So i pick them up and I pay for them. I head home and I just felt like eating them in front of my wife. My daughter runs up to me and says, "Daddy I want chips." So of course I gave it to her. I mean I felt as though I could do whatever I wanted.

My wife did not like it at all. Don't feed her that poison, she says. I tell her okay then. I do have to admit they tasted good and I enjoyed doing that. I know it is not very mature of me to do things like that. I know I was wrong for it, but it is not like she was helping either.

The next day, my wife takes the kids, she says that they will be gone for a few hours. I am okay with this I had a take home test to complete. so a few hours go by and I think my wife is coming back. Then an hour later, my wife calls me says she needs a few days away from me and she is taking the kids with her. I say okay then.

What I did not know was she went to Georgia to see her friend. I called her and asked how the kids were doing? I ask to speak with my daughter, my daughter and I talk. then I tell her good night and my wife picks up the tells me she is in Georgia because God told her to go there.

Well during those few days they were gone I was depressed, crying ,and angry. I also missed my son's birthday because he was in Georgia and I had already used up all of my days to miss class. Anymore and I would have been dropped from the class. also we only had one car, so I had to get a rental car. I know it sounds like an excuse, but I did not know where they were and I was very low on cash flow.

So my wife calls me tells me we should separate and that if I wanted to come back I would have to be baptized like a Hebrew Israeli. I refused because I did not want to do something like that again. I was already baptized when I was 12 years-old. I left all that behind me now, why would I do something I know I don't believe in. I told her I did not believe I was a HEBREW ISRAELI. I also told her I would not conform to it and that I wanted a divorce. It came to this much earlier, but we talked about it and we decided to give one last try, but that was then.

When she finally got back, I bought a car and returned the rental. I was still hurt by her decision to take the kids out of the state. Well to make this very long story short, we did not get divorce. We talked it out she admitted to her wrong doings and I admitted to my. I showed her how I was hurt by all of this and she apologized for hurting me.

This is where the story will end for now. She had called this "watchmen's wife" To ask a few question, about whether or not I was a Hebrew Israeli. This is what she told her although I may be para-phasing a little. She told her your husband is not one of us and neither are your children you have with them. She continued with get away from those strangers. Now At the time I did not know this, but when I asked how it went my wife told me what this lady told her.

I was pissed-off, but I kept to myself, and I told my wife if she calls again then she is going to get a piece of my mind. Look I can take a hit like that, but my kids don't need to be talked about like. My wife went back to Christianity, but for some reason I feel like this may come back up again. Not sure yet, but I will have to wait and see.

P.S. I am sorry I did not response to the comments on my last post, but I did read the comments and I do appreciate the advice that was given and it was well received.