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When God Rules the World

By Carl S ~

You may ask when we will know for certain that the times are finally ruled by the Lord. The evidence will be everywhere you look. God's truth will remain forever and will be universally recognized; and only God's truth. All the vile filth of blasphemy and mockery of faith and dogma will be punished. Disrespect for the voice of God speaking through his clergy will be severely punished. Criticism and negative "revelations" of clerical "abuses" will be banned. Those who do so will find their writings destroyed, they themselves executed. God's words and commandments will be displayed on every public building, constantly reminding his children to utterly obey him. Children will pray every morning before their education begins. The fear of the Lord and the terror of hell is the beginning of wisdom. Teaching the "theory" of evolution will be unlawful. Then, church bells will ring the hours for daily prayers. Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion.

In the West and in the Middle East, atheists, homosexuals, and agnostics will be imprisoned and executed. They are God's enemies and therefore the enemies of all virtuous men. In Africa, our missionaries will make certain that child-witches will be set afire by the faithful.

Abortion and birth control will be banned, and if a woman is found guilty of seeking an abortion, she will be imprisoned. If the clerics find that she failed to protect her unborn and the fetus dies, she shall be found guilty of manslaughter. Should there be a necessity of saving any woman's life by aborting her baby, she shall be the one that dies. And it will be law. Woman is the child-bearer, who must be married and must respect her husband as representing Christ. She must also be modest and dress modestly, for she must set an example of virtue for her children.

Lest they damn themselves by taking the life God has given them, those dying must never have the choice of hastening their demise. Their sufferings will be a participation in Christ's own redemptive suffering. And, speaking of suffering, the armies of the West will be Christian armies, onward with the Christian soldiers, marching out to war. "He who loses his life shall save it." Ours will again be Christian nations in combat against the evil enemies of God. It is glory that always requires the shedding of blood. Glory be to God.

Pornography will be banned in every country on earth, for it contributes to every abomination and unchecked vice. Those who provide it shall be punished severely with jail and lashes.

The Jewish people will finally be amassed in their little corner of the world, their ghetto surrounded by the faithful of God. From there, they shall fight the ultimate battle, culminating in the triumph of the Faithful of God and destruction of those who are of Satan. The Jews will be the means of bringing the return of our Savior, the last days of earth, and the glory that is to come. Thanks be to God.

When God rules the world, all women in Islamic countries will be covered head-to-toe, lest their bodies release the lusts of men and they would go astray from Allah. They shall not be permitted to have any say on laws, but must obey. A Muslim man (as well as a Mormon man) may have as many wives as he wants. A Muslim man may take girls and women, in battle, for his possessions. When God rules the world, there will be no need of martyrdom for God's enemies will be banished and there will be no more opposition. God's Truth shall set you free.

Note: The author first thought of the title, "When clerics rule the world," but this title means the same thing. God is the cleric-ventriloquist’s invisible dummy, created in his image, through which each cleric speaks and teaches.