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Flannel board Jesus

By Freeatlast ~

Hey flannel board Jesus

I loved you once

so debonair in your pastel hues

I snuck into the Sunday school room

To see you

To move you on the board myself

I liked the ascension the best

So suave as you drifted up the flannel board,

up into heaven beyond the edge

Cool move flannel board Jesus!

Your flannel board followers watched you go, as amazed as I

Out the basement window, the sky was blue

Blue as the flannel board the teacher used

to line the grooves of little brains

sitting still to get the juice and cookies

Our redeemer, our savior

Was coming back for us

I watched the basement window

Perhaps today!

I couldn’t wait to see you flannel board Jesus

Floating down as you had floated up

To take me to heaven too

I should have left you on that board

In that moldy room

It was easier that way


But I let you come off and go with me

Bone and muscle, macho Jesus

I believed!

And the blood

So much blood

Mine, it turns out

Because I gave you my life flannel board Jesus

Trying to make you real

When two dimensions always suited you much better