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Flame of the mist ~

Chains surrounded me,

I could not get free,

The pressure was great, and the pain was blind.

But they couldn't keep me in the box,

I was curious and longed for freedom,

Grasping the hand of the neglected one within,

I broke my chains and climbed the wall.

Free at last, free at last!

The air is pure, and I can finally see,

The broken and neglected child clasps my hand,

We laugh and cry, running in the meadow and patching the wounds.

Wonder and freedom are soaring in the sky,

Eyes blue searching and laughing,

Wings on my feet and stars in my head, I know I live,

Still bloody and wounded, both beautiful and ugly, I connect.

The flower is opening,

What wonder, what beauty, what tragedy and strength!

The tiger, the orca, the fish and the dove accompany me to the light,

My heart soars into the stars.

The path I take is my own,

It waivers and shimmers at the edge of reality,

Horizons extend and contract, touching and retracting, mysterious and elusive,

A burst of laughter stretches into the distance, echoing on the enticing shadows of my future,

And many voices laugh back, pushing the darkness into the past.