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Why Doesn’t the Bible Prove God Exists?

By WizenedSage (Galen Rose) ~

If you think about it, there’s a very strange thing going on in the Bible. The whole thing is about this god and his human creations and their tense, ever-changing relationship. There is chapter after chapter about how god did this, and did that, and wants humans to do this and not that, and how he punishes humans in this way or that, for doing this or that thing which he “abhors.”

There is so much written in the Bible – as it’s a very long book – about this god and his make-up, his thoughts, his commands, his angers and jealousies, his actions and regrets, that people generally just accept the basic story of this god’s existence and history.

But, there’s one very important thing that’s missing from this long, long story about god, and that’s the demonstration or other proof that this god actually exists. Shouldn’t that proof have been right up front in the book, even before Genesis? Genesis tells us where the world came from; it came from god. But Genesis doesn’t tell us where god came from. It’s like there’s a chapter missing from the Bible - the very first chapter.

The Bible authors, it seems, merely assumed the existence of this god and built the whole long story of the Bible from there. It’s almost a bait and switch tactic. The reader learns so much about this god through nearly 1,200 chapters that it seldom occurs to him that nowhere does the Bible demonstrate or in any way prove this god really exists in our world.

That leaves us with the $64,000 question. Why didn’t the authors of the Bible prove the existence of this god? Of course, you all know the answer . . . they couldn’t. No one has ever been able to present a solid, irrefutable case for the existence of this god, though it’s been tried millions of times over thousands of years.

But here’s the scary thing, a truly chilling fact. They didn’t have to prove it. And, in a way, they were clever to not even attempt that proof. It’s as if they knew that if they wrote enough about this god and his interactions with his creation, people would believe it anyway, without that proof.

We have to wonder though, if the Bible is revealed truth from god, as claimed, then why was there no revelation of a way for the Bible’s authors to demonstrate or otherwise prove the existence of god? With that, we would all be far more inclined to believe the rest of the Bible, and reject religions not based on it.

So, the next time someone tells you about this amazing god of the Bible, ask him how the Bible proves there is a god, and ask for chapter and verse of that proof. I’m betting you get nothing but a blank stare.