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I wish I could let this go...

By I_love_Dog ~

I have never posted on this site, but I have been a fan for over 5 years... since I lost my faith. I know that the bible is not true, and I do not believe in a god.

Recently I have been terribly depressed and have been questioning why this was done to me:
  • Why would someone teach a child they are worthless without god?
  • Why would a loving parent instill fear in a child of everything and fear of a eternal place of punishment, not even thinking of it critically?

Sorry for the rant... I just don't understand why I am to respect these beliefs when they have literally ruined my life.

Are people really that happy knowing most of the world will burn in hell? They say it helps people...

I will never understand this way of thinking. I never had any self confidence and wonder if I am ruined. Did anyone ever really love me? I constantly try to rationalize their way of thinking as if it would ever make sense to me.

Where do I go from here? I am constantly hurt every time I see a post saying "dedicated our son to god today." What is going on with people? I wonder if I will ever get over this.

You people on here have helped me so much. I just think sometimes I am beyond help. Thank you for all your posts and everything you have done to help others like me.

Hope this made some sense as I have literally been crippled with mind fog and depression.