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If Jesus Was All-knowing, What Jesus Would Know

By Carl S. ~

He would know that diseases are not caused by sin.

He would know that devils are psychological disturbances, not random outside spirits which can inhabit a person, although said devils were being claimed by him as being able to be forced to enter pigs.

He would know that masturbation is normal and, being a normal man, would engage in it.

He would know what mayhem and suffering would come as a result of his not clarifying his sayings and commands, and leaving wide open the doors to sectarian wars in his name.

If Jesus was all-knowing, he would know that if humans washed their hands and arms before delivering babies, millions of women's and children’s lives would be saved from death and suffering.

He would know simple ways to eliminate needless suffering, but left not a single solution on how to go about doing this, except by “miracles.”

He would know that if he left the earth after only 30-plus years, with no universal proof that he actually existed and was resurrected, he would create ignorance (by enabling “faith-enforcing” domination of self-proclaimed spokesmen in his name) over future attainment of knowledge, and the destruction of knowledge already attained, for thousands of years.

He would know that immense churches would be erected in his and his mother's, apostles’, etc., names, yet he gave no indication of this huge fact. Thus, one wonders why he told the “woman at the well “ that houses of worship were not in his plans for the future.

If Jesus was all-knowing, he would know that Paul would proclaim himself an apostle, although not designated so by him; that Paul would change his image from “son of man” to “son of God.” He would know already that Paul would be a misogynist and declare anyone “anathema” who left the congregations - though Jesus was himself all-inclusive where “sinners” were concerned.

If Jesus was all-knowing, he would know the tragedies his story would cause; he would know the results of pitting members of a family against one another, and would know of the tortures and brutal deaths his followers would inflict on the innocent.

If Jesus was all-knowing, he would have denounced belief in witches and ended slavery.

He would know that he wouldn't be coming back, as he often said, “soon,” within the lifetimes of some of those he spoke to. If Jesus knew that the world would end when he said it would, he wouldn't have preached that the meek “would inherit the world,” since there wouldn't be a world to inherit.

One can conclude that Jesus didn't actually know any of these things, or, if he did, he didn't care what the consequences would be as a result of his choices. So, either way, why should anyone care about him?