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By Caleb ~

I want to begin by asking all of you why you are on this website, what is the purpose of this. To find an excuse to hold against Christians, for encouragement of why you shouldn't be a christian. Most of you have probably experienced some sort of extreme trauma. Been offended by a religious person. Told that you will burn in hell. Or something along those lines. I realize that you wouldn't be on this web site unless you needed a way to vent anger or find ways to bring people down. I'm still not sure how I found it, but it really hurts me to see how many of you have been deceived. But I feel that I should put a little bit of what I believe out there for you to see, if you are willing to read it, than thank you. I had at one time many questions of how we all got here, if God was real, or evolution was true and we all really came from sludge off of rocks. I researched everything myself without anyone telling me what to believe and what was a lie. I came to the conclusion eventually that either evolution or the Christian God was real. I realize that there are thousands of different "gods" out there in all those others religions but none of them made sense, except the christian one with their one God. Not even Catholicism makes the slightest bit of sense with their "Mary Mother of God" and all the other stupid things they believe. So anyway, it came down to Christianity with the Bible, and evolution with every science book in the world not to mention all the other books by Charles Darwin and all those other people. Basically I want to start at the beginning. The "Big Bang" and "God Created the Heaven and the Earth". I don't want to say, where did the gas and dirt for the big bang come from, because I don't know where God came from. So moving past that stupid argument, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the theory of angular momentum. If an object is spinning and mid-spin, and it breaks into several pieces, all the pieces that come off will spin the exact same direction as the original complete object. We all know that in the big bang theory all the matter in the universe was squished into a tiny dot that spun really fast and exploded apart which made the universe. Well, based on the theory of angular momentum everything should be spinning the same way, and its not, several planets and moons, and galaxies are spinning in different directions. When I first realized this, I thought that maybe scientist just didn't know how the world started so they made that up and the rest of evolution could be true, so I dug deeper. After billions of years of it raining on rocks a sludge was made, and that sludge from rocks that were rained on was intelligent enough to survive and find food which must have been rocks because there was nothing else around. And it had to reproduce, itself, without another living thing. When I read all of this for the first time, I still thought evolution could be possible but I thought, I would rather be made by a God than come from something as stupid as that. Just think about this, everything I've said about the beginning of the theory of evolution has been proven impossible and is not something I would want to believe in. After this, I then moved on to the Bible, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" Right from the start was God, in the Bible. It goes on about how he spoke the universe into existence. In latin, universe means a single spoken sentence, uni-verse. So from the beginning they thought that the universe was a single spoken sentence. After God made the universe, he made all the animals, and Adam, from the dust of the earth, and then Eve, from Adam. In this time the world was perfect, many people think that if there is a God, why did he make all this pain and suffering. The truth is he didn't, God made the world perfect, when man sinned he brought suffering and anguish into the world. We are responsible for the bad things that happen, not God. Many of you think that the idea of a talking serpent is totally fiction, and unrealistic. well it wasn't a talking serpent, it was a serpent that was possessed by lucifer who in turn spoke though it to deceive Eve into taking the fruit. If you all don't think that angels had power to speak through a animal, just think of what angels are, by the way, lucifer is a fallen angel, he was one of Gods angels at the time but now is a demon (A fallen angel). Angels are immense and powerful beings that we cannot hope to comprehend, they are a whole different kind of being. They can probably do more than we can imagine.

Angels are immense and powerful beings that we cannot hope to comprehend, they are a whole different kind of being. They can probably do more than we can imagine.Long story short, after more research and studying I have yet to find real proof for evolution and any real proof against christianity. Now I know that there are many debates about the bible contradicting itself, so far I have not found one accusation to be true. To cover a few main points, Judas who betrayed Jesus, his guts being spilled or him hanging himself. Basically he went to a field and died, the people writing the gospels aren't going to go find out how he died, they know he died in the field he bought they probably heard from rumors around town that he was dead. Either way his death didn't mean anything, if it did then they all would have gone to see and write down weather he gutted himself or hung himself, If I was them I wouldn't have cared how he died. The stone being rolled away from the tomb of Jesus, read the passages in context, there is no contradiction whatsoever. I am open to other questions about other contradictions.

I am not going to condemn you all to hell. But I want to tell you, that I have learned to love God, and being a Christian doesn't make life better, It make life harder. Jesus never said life wouldn't have any worries or troubles if you believe in him, he said that there would be no harder life than that of his true followers. Becoming christian doesn't mean that God takes away your problems, It means that now the maker of the universe is there to help you go through them and work them out. In the midst of the trials of life I always have someone to talk to, to depend on to give me strength to get through the next day. The one thing that separates christianity from other religions is that people die for God. Not like the Muslims that do suicide bombings, but we die telling others that God is real and he love all of us and want to know us personally. In the Islam religion, why do you think it is that they persecute christians that have similar beliefs, why not atheists that believe any God is a complete lie? Because Lucifer is using them to destroy Gods people.

Another point I would like to touch up on the the term christians. I dislike being put into the category of christian. There are hypocrites out there, how many times has the end of the world been predicted by so called christians. And it never happened, those are false prophets, hypocrites. The bible said that no one, not even the angels will know when the end is, yet these people keep claiming to know who call themselves christians. I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone else, but I am getting to know God, the Bible says in many places that God just wants a personal relationship with us, I don't mean that I am special or anything, but I know God is there listening to me when I talk about my problems and he is comforting me when I need someone. He shows me many things through the Bible. Like Romans 8:28:

And we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God to them who are the called according to his purpose.

In the end for them that love God all things work together for good. Not that they are good but they work together for good.
I know that I'll receive a lot of criticization for this, but, it will all work together for good. Questions and Comments are welcome.