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Even a Monkey Would Understand

By Carl S. ~

One day I went through a book on communication. The author made a point of the fact that, of all insults individuals will tolerate, they feel that insults to their intelligence are the worst. Things like bastard, bitch, the N- word, etc., aren't nearly so insulting as being called stupid, according to the author.

Things got interesting one day when I decided to apply a test about this at work. I read, in re, communication, about insults in different cultures. For instance, in the U.S., in a discussion when you’re making efforts to have another understand the point you‘re trying to make, you might say in frustration, “Even a monkey would understand it,” and the other person would take this as an insult to his/her intelligence; but not in every culture. With this in mind, I had a discussion with a cultured co-worker who just happened to be raised in an African nation. At one point I just casually remarked, “Even a monkey would understand what I'm talking about.” He was not in the least insulted; it went right over his head. I did not explain what this meant, and it evaporated into thin air.

Supposing you’re raised in a culture that insults your intelligence and you don‘t recognize it? You don’t realize this because the congregation around you is being equally insulted and their common sense is even slighted in favor of the insults which are taught to be good things. Wouldn't they not recognize these insults and take then as normal attitudes when in a religious setting?