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Questions To Ask Yourself

By redharry ~

There are times in the lives of atheists, agnostics and freethinkers when the shouts of dogma are heavy and intense. As the days go by, the Christian theocracy sharpens its claws into the trees of knowledge relentlessly. For struggling believers grappling with their faith, there will be doubts. Is Hell a real place? What if I'm wrong? Why is God invisible? Whose God is correct? And why did Yahweh bother with us if we're born in "original sin? For both groups these questions, I hope, will serve as both an encouragement and an enlightenment in these trying doubting times when Christianity threatens to incite unnecessary fears into our minds.

Asking myself questions I can't answer1) Would a loving god ask you to fear your death, which is natural to all existence? After 200,000 years of evolved homo-sapien existence, would it make sense to believe that our primate ancestors were in any more fear of punishment then we are?

2) At what point did humanity decide that god was male? Notice that the bible describes a patriarchal deity, which is typical of Abrahamic faith systems. If god is male, he had a sexual origin. Who made him? What materials is he composed of that would predetermine his persuasion? What's his source of origin? If your holy book cannot answer this, it is inevitable that this deity is a reflection of the male minds that created him in the bible.

3) If no man does good according to the bible, why was man needed to write it?

4) If Jesus was the son of god, or god incarnate, how come he didn't see fit to write a single bible verse or creed himself, firsthand? A man who holds your eternal destiny and the destiny of all mankind in his hands would see fit to write his own revelations and relay his message himself in his own writing, so why didn't he?

5) How could you so easily dismiss the revelations of Mohammed with the Koran, L. Ron Hubbard with Dianetics, Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon, and every other divine revelation yet accept Paul at face value with his vision on the road to Damascus? What honestly makes his story more credible than theirs?

6) There is definitive proof that the belief in eternal salvation and damnation did not start in Christianity, but with the Sumerian and Zoroastrian religions, up to 1,500 years in advance before the first century of the Christian church. What makes Christians automatically safer than anyone else if god has the power to emphatically state that Zoroaster was the true god after all, and send the Christian to hell? Would you call that god loving or fair if you were taught to follow a certain belief with 100% sincerity only to be punished for it? And if that thought disturbs you, why is it any less acceptable for Jesus to do the same to other nonbelievers in his authority?

7) Does it make sense to you that only humans have an afterlife and a soul, but the rest of the animal kingdom does not, particularly amongst the ape kingdom, whose biology mirrors us homo-sapiens almost exactly as dictated by evolution?

8) Finally, to lighten the mood, if the god of the bible created the universe, why did he not talk about cold weather once in the bible or snow? Why u no have ice, Yahweh? (Hint: because the bible writers were isolated in the desert and were cocooned, which once again exposes it's man-made origins.)

My posts will get better in time, but hopefully this helps to clear the minds of the dogma that daily creeps in to disturb our peace. If anyone has feedback for me on my posts, please tell me.

Be encouraged in your journey of freethought!!