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Even Christian Fundamentalists can't Agree on the Basics

By Desert Boy ~

I have one point to make that I don't think has been covered on your website. Why is there so much disagreement among Christian Fundamentalists on basic doctrine?

Common points of dispute include predestination v free-will, Eternal v Conditional Security, Lordship v Salvation by Faith and KJV Onlyism v Modern Bible Translation Supporters. In other words, some of the different groups of Christian fundamentalists regard each other as unsaved. For instance if you enter "Billy Graham False Teacher" into google, the number of hits is staggeringly high.

Some Christians I speak to about this blame the church and human nature for this confusion. However, I think The Bible, God's so-called handbook, must take the blame. All the above groups who oppose each other so passionately have earnestly studied the Bible with all their heart, all their mind, all their soul and all their strength. But they have come to different conclusions because of the confusing nature of "God's operating manual"

Can you imagine what would happen if an electrical equipment manufacturer issued an operating manual for an electric drill that was as irresponsibly confusing as the Holy Bible?

I don't think there's any more to say about the matter. Thank you for your attention.