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Your Purpose In Life Is Much Greater Than You Realize

By KrayzeeAssKris ~

I could be called a second-generation agnostic. Though I wasn’t born into a Christian family, my parents were. My fathers parents are armchair Christians; only going to church once in a great while, if at all anymore, so my dad was more or less free to find his own path. My mother was born to a woman who forced Catholicism down the throats of her husband and all twelve of her kids. When she died of uterine cancer (no real surprise there), my mother had just turned 19. Without her religiously obsessed mother to guilt her into church, my mom immediately turned away from religion. She couldn’t understand how good people, who happened to not be religious, were destined for Hell just because they refused to believe what their hearts were telling them was wrong.

I grew up with total religious freedom. This was one of many reasons why I chose my parents. My parents were a little into Eckankar, which is like an Americanized Buddhism, when I was young, which introduced me to concepts such as reincarnation and soul travel and even meditation. My parents never taught me to be wary of Christianity; I just instinctively knew to stay away from it.

As I continued getting older and became a teenager, I decided that there probably was no God and if Jesus had actually lived then he was sorely misunderstood. I became an atheist, but my atheism was rather short lived when I figured out that the Christian/Jewish version of God was wrong, and I was able to understand what God really was; the collective consciousness of all life, matter, and energy in the entire universe! I looked into the sky that day and saw God for the first time. The myth of the Cyclops comes to mind here. Some Greeks found a massive skull with one big eye socket and giant tusks. They decided that it was a giant man with one eye! They then feared ever meeting this Cyclops, for surely it would kill and eat them. The skull was actually that of an elephant; a, mostly, gentle leaf eater.

I realized that it wasn’t God that I was angry with, but the followers of religions that were once based upon truths, but over the millennia had become corrupt institutions based on fear and control. How could these people be so blind?! You see, most, if not all of the people that read and contribute to this website are smarter than the average human. While that is a good thing, the problem with this is we have a very difficult time understanding how the average person can be so ignorant because we have no reference point to understand them.

There are three groups of people that shun religion; those whose intellect cannot accept religion, those whose hearts cannot accept religion, and, like me, those whom fall into both categories. Whether you have the wisdom to listen to reason, or the wisdom to listen to your intuition, it takes wisdom and intelligence to break free from the tyranny of ignorance and falsities that so horribly plague religion.

I realized that it wasn’t God that I was angry with, but the followers of religions that were once based upon truths, but over the millennia had become corrupt institutions based on fear and control. Another facet of greater intelligence that religious people don’t grasp is that the smarter you are, the better you are able to understand consequences. This is the true basis of morality, something the average religious person claims as theirs, yet fails at far too often. A truly moral person does the right thing because they understand that doing the wrong thing will cause harm to others, which will then come back around to harm themselves. If you do not understand right from wrong, instead taking a course of action merely because you were told to, then you, my friend, are immoral. This was the whole focus of “The Matrix: Reloaded.” You can choose to do something, but it is meaningless until you understand why you chose to do it.

Many ex-religious people fall into the category of victims. While I do feel sympathy for you; after all, the world is a mess that I have to live in too, thanks to religion, I would warn against rejecting God, or the true teachings of Jesus or Siddhartha, etc., simply because you have been hurt by those whom claim to follow these deities. It is akin to a woman that has been raped several times throughout her life, so she rails on about how ALL men are rapists! We all know that isn’t true, but that’s what you are saying about Jesus and Siddhartha and various other wise people of the past whose teachings may or may not have been the foundation of a religion that was eventually corrupted by immoral men.

Whether you realize it or not, you chose the life you are living before you were born, with the hope that you would be able to break the karma of dogma before you died. As an ex-Christian, you have succeeded! Congratulations on your victory, but it is now time to forgive those that you perceived as having harmed you. One of their roles in this life was to get you mad enough to reject dogmatic religion. Be grateful to these people for helping you to wake up. By forgiving them, you clear your karma and, ironically, show that you are far more Christian than they are! Forgive them for their ignorance and you will heal yourself and the world as well.

Now, I’m not perfect, yet, as I still get annoyed by stupid people and don’t spend enough time focusing on good things as I should, but I’ve gotten a lot better. Though I was not raised Christian, I was still raised in a Christian society that instilled many bad habits and thoughts in my head. These things take a lot of time and patience to get over, and I had a head start compared to most of you. Soon we will reach a point in our evolution where we can fully embrace the benefits of science and technology, which will result in a world where we are truly free to be ourselves. Despite what religions want you to believe, humans are not vicious creatures. Children are helpful and compassionate, but their natural tendencies are diverted when the unnatural concepts of religion and money are forced upon them. It is our job as awakened individuals to bring about a world of peace, abundance and love. Rejecting religion is a great first step toward accomplishing this. Be proud of yourself, and believe in yourself.