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I left that life behind.

By C.R. ~

I was raised Mormon. I wish I could say that it's been easy to get away from it and that way of thinking, but it hasn't been. I never really "fit in" because when I was five I believed that dinosaurs really had existed and I started to love science and evolution. But to this day I have a hard time wearing shirts that don't have sleeves and shorts that show anything above the knee.

In the past year I have been very open about my views and my very obvious dislike of the bible. Lately however I have realized I don't like Christians as a whole. My best friend is Christian, so I can't say I dislike them individually, but as a whole they drive me crazy for the following reasons;

1. They only pay attention to certain parts of the bible. Take gay marriage for example, because the bible says that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Well, the bible also says that we should own slaves and kill those who work on the sabbath. What about those laws and all of the others? Who picks which of the bibles laws to follow? If you're going to follow one, then follow all of them!

2. Have you ever tried to have a logical conversation with a Christian? It's impossible. "No, evolution did NOT happen! The devil put those things in the earth to trick the non believers!" Wow, the devil must be one smart guy then.

3. They think that their religion is better than all others, and if they meet someone who isn't Christian, they automatically put themselves above the other person. If a person isn't Christian, then they obviously aren't a good person.

4. In this country it is considered perfectly fine and normal to be a Christian but not to be anything else.

My family is mostly Mormon. I often get messages from them telling me that I need to be saved and that I am worse than someone who wasn't ever introduced to the Mormon church because I have been shown the right path but I am choosing not to follow it. My fiance's family is Catholic and Christian... some of them even go to the kind of church where they "speak in tongues" and run around the church with a flag, for some reason I don't understand. I won't even get into what a headache that is. "Does anyone want to pay Bible Taboo? Oh... that's right... we have a non believer."

It would be so nice to actually know people who have the same views and an open mind to science and logic.