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Hey God! I'm OK, You're OK.

By Dano ~

Every now and then I find myself wondering if there really is a way to communicate with whatever force that caused us to exist. The thought that I just might accidentally stumble upon a way to ask our creator for favors, and get answers is a reoccurring, futile mental exercise, that I delve into on occasion. The simple answer, to which, I suspect, has always been right in front of me all along.

Big Bang!!!
Big Bang!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Perhaps we are already in communication, by default with whatever pulled the trigger for the 'Big Bang'. Maybe in that millisecond of pure energy explosion, we became a part of whatever is, was, or ever will be. We were preordained to evolve from slime on some prehistoric beach, and be made of the stuff of the universe.

I keep thinking that life has been difficult for some time now and I sure would like to hit the god lottery. I've thought and thought about it, and even looked at the writings of those who claim to speak to the guy who made us, but to no avail. None of them appear sane enough to me that I would want to emulate their success. Maybe it's just that they are so entwined in the bliss that they claim has been bestowed upon them by the big guy in the sky, that they are willing to forsake all rational and critical thought, and just want to wallow in the splendor of their success.

I'm sure you know a few folks who will tell you that their faith in, say, Bible God and Jesus, is all that matters to them. I am sure that if I had to become as gullible as a child, as the bible recommends in several verses of that "GOOD BOOK", and had to give up the cherished skepticism that has served me so well these many years, that I not only would become poor in material wealth, but my mind would degenerate into the same disconnected, circular, credulous way thinking that I see in all Jesus freaks and bible-thumpers. No I just instinctively , and logically feel that whatever god is, It is above all else, by necessity, rational.

God in my humble opinion, certainly wouldn't look like, act, or demonstrate any of the qualities of a human male. (Maybe a female) Humans kill each other for frivolous reasons, are jealous, narcissistic, vain, greedy and need to be loved -- qualities that a god would have no need to possess. The fictional "Bible-god" has all of these deficits and more.

I'm not the first person to hope that I will be rewarded somehow for remaining true to the belief that everything is as it should be, and that any force powerful enough to explode everything from that infinitesimally small speck of matter with the potential of becoming our universe, wants no part of our attempts to trivialize our beginning with the self relevant, pathetic, magical, mystical, cartoonish concepts of the Bible, and its anthropomorphic, very flawed, main character.

I'm sorry to report at this writing that life is still a mystery to me, and the older I get, not having a clue as to what or why "It" put us here, is starting to somehow be OK with me.