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Attack of the Condescending Christian

By MTC ~, is a popular website for those with questions about the Bible, God, etc. They act "holy and godly" on their website, but watch out!

Be warned, this is a lengthy post. LOL To start, here is a message I sent to

"Hello! As indicated, I'd like to share a few issues regarding the Bible and common answers, including those found on your website. A common theme in Christianity, and that your ministry endorses, is male headship in the church and the home. Supposedly women aren't inferior, less intelligent or capable, etc. Yet God reserves leadership in the church and home for men only. One of your pages says, "Sexism is the abuse of these roles, not the existence of these roles." Yeah, that makes a lot of sense! *sarcasm* And gee, just maybe the existence of these roles, along with the "fact" that they're given by God himself, is exactly why they get abused and taken advantage of. After all, the Bible also makes it abundantly clear that each and every human being, no matter what, is a wicked sin-stained wretch. Isn't that right?...

On a page asking about why bad things happen to good people, your ministry replies that "As hard as it is to acknowledge, we must remember that there are no “good” people, in the absolute sense of the word. All of us are tainted by and infected with sin (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23; 1 John 1:8). As Jesus said, “No one is good—except God alone” (Luke 18:19)."

Does this mean then, that I deserved all the bullying and teasing I endured during childhood? Did someone I knew and cared about deserve to be horribly abused by one of his parents during childhood (which was why he became an alcoholic and drank himself to death, BTW)? Did someone else I knew and cared about deserve to die from breast cancer at a rather young age (in her early 40s)? What about the nearly 4,000 victims of 9/11, did they deserve to have their lives snatched away by those terrorists? After all, we're all sin-tainted wretches...

Speaking of which, and be warned, I'm about to mention a touchy topic: Abortion. In cases of rape, the religious pro-lifers claim that it's wrong, unfair, and immoral to punish the child for the sins of the parents. In that case, how come we have to suffer for what Adam and Eve did? Another quote from your website "the baby is completely innocent and should not be punished for the evil acts of its father." (But I thought there are no truly good or innocent people?...) It isn't our fault Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. In fact, we weren't even born yet! But nevertheless we're filthy sin-stained wretches and must depend on Jesus to enter Heaven because no matter what we'll never be good enough on our own, because of Adam and Eve's actions which weren't even our fault!

Now for the next issue: Christianity teaches that all sins can be forgiven if the sinner truly repents and accepts Jesus, including murder, rape, child abuse, just to name a few horrible deeds. Correct? If someone like a murderer, rapist, child abuser, or whatever does repent and accept Jesus, and therefore they're forgiven and granted entrance to Heaven, what about their victims and anyone else effected by their actions? Do they no longer matter?

And now for this page: : You can preach and harp about God/Christ's pure love, mercy, righteousness, etc., all you want. But the bottom line is still "accept Jesus, in order words be a Christian, or be condemned to eternal damnation." How is that any different from having a gun held to your head or a knife held to your throat? And again, why do we even have to suffer with sin if it's wrong to punish children (us) for the sins of their parents (Adam and Eve)?

God is also in complete control and everything works out according to his will. Right? In that case, why bother with prayers? If someone is ill or injured, why even pray for them if indeed God is ultimately in control and all will work out according to his plan, which we're supposed to completely trust and have faith in?

Well, I guess I've gone on long enough. LOL Thank you for your time!"

And now, for the response I received:


First let me say, my heart hurts for you and I offer you compassion but I will not join in your agreement. Now that you have so thoroughly made your views about God known, let me say that none of this is new nor is it much of a surprise. Your cynicism is because you basically think the things of God are foolish and human viewpoint is correct and should be the standard that is used. That is your right. I could quote you Bible chapter and verse but that is not really what this is about. This is a mind full of mush vomiting out the liberal think that circulates around the world’s system in opposition to God and you want to challenge Got Questions to a duel of words. However, that is not what we are here for. You are arguing from the position of ignorance, in that you just do not know the truth for if you did, you would not demonstrate by your sarcastic language that you are merely parroting the world system’s long war with God and His claim upon His creation.

The reality is that just because we do not understand does not mean that an explanation does not exist. For if God is God and if He really is just Who He claims to be, that means that there will be a time and a season that mankind will answer to Him. We can either do that based on a faulty premise based in enmity with God or we can accept the gift of God’s grace, which none of us deserve or can earn. And no one holds a knife to our throat it is a choice we may make or not. For you see, we are free to make whatever choice we want to make but we are not free to exempt ourselves from the consequences of those choices. What is more, the consequences always come and they never look the way we expected them to look. There are verities that must be faced; there are truths that must be dealt with, in this life and the next. God has a claim that must be dealt with and we can obfuscate, rationalize, marginalize or throw our human viewpoint at it, the claim must be answered whether we agree or not. What holds mankind in bondage to the lie is that we can somehow put God into our box, that we can somehow negate the God of the Universe and blunt the real truth with self-deception.

It would seem that you do have some biblical knowledge but you use it out of context and compare it to human reasoning that is no reason at all. You have researched Got Questions but you have done so with the mindset to pose a position for the sake of argument. You have a right to lash out at what you cannot understand and how could you? The inconvenient truth is that you can be sarcastic all you want but you are only deceiving yourself. Got Questions is not going to rise to the occasion and answer your charges against God. You will have your opportunity to raise your points for discussion when you stand before Him. Let us just see how that sarcastic bravado works then.

My heart goes out to you; such anti God, so ignorant, so filled with anger at what you do not understand. My heart goes out to you; such anti God, so ignorant, so filled with anger at what you do not understand. Of course there is abuse in the world; of course bad things happen to good people. God gave mankind volition or choice and they have chosen to leave God out and then they blame Him for what they have wrought. The love of God constrains me to tell you that there are other pages on this website that can help you to understand your need of a Savior and help you to make the most important decision you will ever make in this life. However, your critique of Got Question’s content is not going to change the truth of our stand of faith in who we are IN Who He is. Nice try though, even if a bit incoherent in presentation. I give you and E for effort. Because of God’s grace, Gloria."

Thoughts and comments, anyone? BTW, here's the feedback I gave on the response:

"Well, thank you very much for the non-answer. You just helped prove my point. And if you're going to call me ignorant, sarcastic, or whatever, instead of giving a thoughtful, caring and understanding answer like a true "Christian" should, then please don't even bother to respond."

One more thing I kinda wish I would've added in my response: "Have fun giving Him blow jobs!" Bahaha...