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We're Going to the Chapel of Love

By Cerberus ~

Early on, (I was 24 my girlfriend was 22) we two lifelong Catholics schooled in the Parish together, wanted to get married. We imagined standing before our priest some quiet weekday — just us and our parents along with whoever the Law and church required. We quickly found out that eight months minimum of "Marriage Education" would be required first.

Remember that we were not unknowns here.

Upon hearing that (the 8 months...), I abruptly stood, thanked the father for his time, and we left. I told my girlfriend that as far as I was concerned, a justice of the peace would do just fine. We were married within a week.

I have never been back there (to that church) since. They showed me then and there it wasn't about God, but rather about the control of people and most importantly, the control of people's wallets.

I anticipate going there for my Father's funeral mass, but that is in respect for him, not for his church.