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Let's Be Honest

By Carl S. ~

Dear human beings: One’s first response after surviving an accident is not to praise a god for saving one's ass; one has to be trained like a pet to react with a religious response. After mass tragedies, families and community members buy huge amounts of stuffed animals and pile up flowers in their mourning, to honor the victims. Those are primal responses, originating long before the burial practices of ancient Egypt! And not one of the purchasers is aware of this: toys and implements were originally buried with the deceased to be used in their afterlives. Now, thousands of years later in a market economy, lamentation, grief, and loss are sales opportunities for businesses taking advantage of the lucrative business of religion. (Doesn't this remind you of Christmas?) After these things, comes the ceremonial praising of a god by survivors, the prattle of victims being “in a better place, with that god, becoming angels.” Which is why a non-believer invented the Celebration of Life to be used in place of religious ceremonies.

With or without religions, we act from our nature, despite every attempt by religion to control it. Our lives do not require merely existence, but need experimentation, so we make a lot of junk, like belief systems, before we arrive at something workable. Humans became pawns to religions as soon as they created them. When creators think they have mastery over those religions, things get seriously out of control. This is bound to happen, because doctrines are gambling ventures that run contrary to our nature. This happens despite the fact life itself is usually gambling, where the odds of coming out ahead are pretty well in our favor. In order to survive, we just can't help but tempt fate or thwart the wills of gods.

Life is good when we experiment with it. This goes beyond mere temptation. As children, we see how far we can push a parent before we get a reaction. You may steal a candy bar from the store or eat a forbidden fruit to find if it makes you wiser. You might experiment by using any way possible to get solutions for diseases defying our best efforts at eradication. It's called science, derived from scientia, meaning: “to know.” And haven't you noticed that the pompous clergy who condemn scientists are getting the best of what science has to offer in medical care, no prayer healing for them?

Mudskippers laugh at anti-evolutionists!!! When you got sexually involved for the first time with the right or wrong person, ignoring the warnings of your religion, that big part of your “whole life?” Was that terrible, that “loss of innocence?” At least one religion tells us humans were punished by being expelled from an earthly paradise of Eden. So? We were never cut out for a protected Eden existence; we'd be bored to death! We dare to “sin.” So? We lie and we've found that sometimes we need to lie to get results, to find out what's true, just by observing nature alone. So? We notice sex is essential for emotional health. Virginity's just a phase. You got a problem with that? Clerics lie continually; their followers don't have a problem with that.

Mudskippers laugh at anti-evolutionists!!!

Experimenting can get you mixed up in the wrong crowd, but, if you choose your terms, may cause you to reject them and head for the healthy lifestyle. Experimenting with blasphemy and pornography, like experimenting with new musical forms and writing styles, seems inevitable after they succeed. We tempt life, we mold and manipulate it, like every other animal does, and in ways no other animal can.

Despite centuries of propaganda trying to convince everyone there's a god involved in every aspect of life, we are left with: shit happens. In the common everyday world, how do people act? According to Annie Laurie Gaylor, most people live as if they're atheists. No religion necessary. No creed. So?