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Jesus Did it Again

By James Wilhelm ~

(The following is a true story - one of many I have personally come across during my 40+ year journey through Christianity.)

I have a good friend - a dependable, devout, genteel type of guy. Regularly attended church - always participating in "fellowship" and other church activities. Being single - he met a girl in church and quietly and discretely dated her. One night a very clear dream came - God wanted him to marry her! God answered his prayer! They married months later and soon a child followed. Turned out his new wife was a secret drug addict - and within two years sunk deeper into addiction and eventually killed herself. Now - totally broken and no faith he's struggling to explain to his child what happened to her mother.

The real issue is how do you stop from being angry, bitter and resentful at a God you believed in that really doesn't exit? This is the conundrum of many of us who have abandoned religion. My anger is toward the thoughtless people that arrogantly believe God exists, that the Bible is real and that wish hell on you when you feel otherwise. It is a real struggle for me. The arrogance and self-righteousness of religious people that have never really struggled with anything serious in life is the real problem. Letting go of that bitterness and moving on is the challenge many of us nonbelievers face. I wish all of us well.

Thanks for reading this true story.