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To the elite idiots of ExC-Net

From Rodney M ~

I really don't need to transcribe volumes of some diatribe to prove my worthiness to be read. After all, I'm writing to a bunch of moron's who claim they can think but rarely do so beyond their own "narrow self interests" or suicidal group-think causes. Guess what, life sucks for most of us. It sucks to a large part because we live in a world of competition and that competition is not fair. It's not only unfair it's often deadly to the naïve and innocent. Now, you can always blame some dogma for the problems in the world but even your dogma isn't a unifying one. As a matter of fact I can sum up the calloused ExC-Net dogma in a few sentences:

I am rational.

Do what thy wilt, shall be the whole of the law.

Welcome to the jungle. You can take anything you want but you better not take it from me.

Repeat Mantra.

The main problem I have with this website is that you never offer any viable alternatives. You're like the George Carlin diatribe about right -to-lifers. He says once they get a newborn in the world, their response is a big FUCK YOU. See, it's all about having purpose and no responsibility. Well, isn't that what you're doing. Encouraging people to renounce their faith and then the big FUCK YOU. Maybe you'll direct some to read from your shitty ExC-Net self help book list. Then what? The fact of the matter is some people are better off suffering in their congregation than chasing blind guides like you. Are you going to teach these people how to fish? No you're not. This is why you'll never do away with Christianity. And don't give me that rational thought bullshit. You hypocrites rarely practice what you preach. Just like all the fake Christians out their, if you really cared anything about your cause the world would be a... Well in the event of Christians it would be a better place. In your case it would be a dystopian hell hole. Close but not quite yet.

I'm sure some of you bitter twits can recognize the truth in what I have said. I can only hope or perhaps have faith that one of your rank, perhaps someone with an IQ above 90 will respond back. Although, I don't hold much hope in that happening. Alternatively, maybe you could do some sort of intellectual gang-up. No, I take that one back. You're probably not to well equipped for that either. Since, I know how much you-all hate Bible verses, let me leave you with the following sentiment. King Solomon told us the reality of life when he said everything is vanity. He also said with much knowledge comes much sorrow. Did any of you ever consider that life isn't supposed to be a utopia or maybe our focus here should be elsewhere?