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Making War on ISIS

By Carl S ~

There is an old movie about the war between the Crusaders and the Muslims. In one scene, a king was demonstrating to a Muslim leader just how strong his knights’ swords were, by cutting through a very hard object. The Moslem, demonstrating his saber, flung a veil of silk into the air, and as it wafted down, the silk piece fell on the saber and was cut in half. But it isn't just the sharp blade that is mightier than the over-heavy sword; the pen is mightier than the sword, as they say. And the visual film, if used with artful finesse, can be also a powerful weapon of war against cold brutality. Truth, gently and honestly stated, is one enemy of ignorance and bigotry. Gentle and honest isn't popular these days; grossness and brutality sell. Sex sells. What is needed to get through is romantic sensuality. How do we go about destroying religious ignorance and hatred of women with reality?

This might not be easy. First, find a reputable and sensitive director. This will not be a pornographic, but a sensual film, a celebration of carnal love. It must be honest reality; not as in popular "reality" productions featuring exhibitionists who are prodded into being in volatile artificial situations. This is a film about mature adults in the world of reality. This film doesn't even need a name. It will speak for itself. And this is how it will begin:

In broad daylight, a young woman, accompanied by a small boy, walks down the busy streets of Saudi Arabia. She is covered from head to toe in black, and is able to see the world only through a small opening for her eyes. After a while, the boy leaves her as she enters her dwelling. Now in her living room, she slowly and gently removes her clothing, piece by piece, until she is completely nude. She begins to brush her hair, to caress her body, beginning at her cheeks and neck. She embraces herself, and cascades her fingers over her breasts. She goes on to pleasure herself.

Later, the woman showers, and placing perfume behind her ears and above her breasts, dons a filmy negligee. Her husband arrives and embraces her, and they passionately kiss. He disrobes, and they embrace and kiss even more. They proceed, holding hands like children, into the bedroom, where the fire of candles and incense and nectar of honey await. They engage in sensitive sensuality, playfully laughing in their freedom. Their mutual foreplay is spontaneous, openly and utterly abandoned to their true feelings for each other, as familiar as a shared joke between them alone.

Their copulation is gentle and caring, as they begin throwing inhibitions away in giving in to sexual joys. She may be under his body or on top of it; whatever they decide. They are completely free to express themselves any way they wish, and they do. There are climaxes; this is inevitable, for this is a film about reality. And when their lovemaking is complete, they lie in their embrace and sleep the sleep of contented children.

Can anything be more destructive to the righteousness of ISIS than showing the results of the liberation of women and the pleasure not only they but men may experience in sharing that freedom? Shouldn't this turn-on of a film expose the hypocrisy in religious extremism about sexuality, since only the coldest would furiously protest, thus revealing themselves for the misogynists they are? Or should we merely drop copies of the book "The Joy of Sex" on them, instead of bombs?