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Consequences of a Fundie Childhood

By Sara B ~

My father was a fundie speaking in tongues preacher. My mother was mentally ill. I experienced being beaten by a belt since the age of 2. Belts were normal to beat children with in the cult I grew up in.

Jesus Camp
Jesus Camp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was sent to a "Jesus Camp" style youth camp and was pressured to speak in tongues. While at one of the camps, I was shown a movie about the rapture and taught if I did not make it (was not raptured), I would have to die by the guillotine for my faith. The government would kill those who would not bow to the anti-Christ and take the "mark."

I had an anxiety attack during and after that film ("A Distant Thunder").

I attempted suicide at age 10, by hanging. I had a nervous break-down at 19.

Fundamentalism is so damaging it should not be allowed. They still try to induce fear into people by scaring them into conversions (the propaganda films on and off the Internet are sick).

I am free now. It has taken a long time, but the fear is gone!

To all of you who are de-converting: hang in there.

It is my wish that fundamentalism be seen and dealt with as a form of child abuse. For those of you who were born into this madness, persevere in the de-conversion. Freedom is worth the letting go of the fear and lies we were brainwashed and forced into.