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By Grace ~

I was raised having to go to church every Sunday, mostly catholic church although on Saturdays mom would make us also go to a Christian church just so she could have free time from us.

She made us go to Catholic School as well and so when I became a mom I did the exact same thing with my first two children until I began to have doubts about religion and then my last three children would refuse to go and would preach to me about how church just brainwashes people and stuff like that and so they created doubt but for my oldest son it was just too late.

 My son who is now almost 40 years old becomes christian and then gets out of it and while doing this when he is a christian he is extremist about it and when he is not a christian then he is depressed and always fearful of punishment for becoming a man of the world rather than a man of God.

I would prefer him be just a man who is fearless and mentally strong rather than a "Born again Christian," because he is not allowed to speak to people of the world and so I rarely hear from him.

I have never really been a Christian nor religious because I have always had big questions about it and so I am super happy that I was never a weak minded person and so never allowed myself to be brainwashed and made mistakes like a human being rather than believing the stupidity of many saying that I am a sinner and will go to hell.

To me a sin is a mistake and we all make mistakes, and faith is just believing in something, but believe me, I only believe in facts and the bible and religion is not factual. It has been used to control people and the worst thing about it all is that we have so many people in the world believing this nonsense preached in churches and segregating from their own family members, living in fear of reprisal...holding guilty feelings about little things like watching television. My son is not allowed to watch television or listen to real music if it's not religious..

I think religion is a terrible thing for life and humanity.