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The Christian Coward!

By Bob Keye ~

Well here he comes. The man that lives off of his wife and the odd measly dollar slipped into his pocket by his mother and some frightened well wisher from his disappearing church. This parasite lives in a bubble and is frightened by reality.

Well, he is none of my business. I can only feel pity for this sad and lost remains of a man. But, here is the thing he won’t let it go.

He is in the playground, pushing and shoving old ladies and young children and anyone else that looks vulnerable and incapable. He prods and pokes because he knows that the helpless and hopeless won’t or can’t fight back. He uses fear and degradation and puffs himself up as being something special because he truly believes that they can’t see behind his pathetic unmanly existence.

This is now my business, because he has approached me. He assumes that because I am a polite and non aggressive looking individual that I will comply to his presence and his will. This I certainly will not!

He immediately tries to tear into me. His eyes are full of spite. His teeth are stained and gritted. The veins in his neck protruding. Mommy always let this little boy get his own way methinks. Bashing the bible in his hand in groups of four like a fighter ready to fight. He isbanging the world to rights. He believes that he is a macho missionary and a minister to a church of his own name and making.

I smile and point out that I am not interested. He goes for my jugular vein. Fire and brimstone is the order of the day. I laugh at his demeanour, but with a pleasant tone of voice I patiently go about unraveling his flawed and childish philosophy. But, at the same time I can’t help but ridicule his ignorance and self loathing. I ask why he doesn’t have a job. I ask why he lives off of his wife. I ask where his mommy is in case he needs a dollar to buy food. The playground spectators watch and listen opened mouthed. They forgot how easy it is to make a mockery of an idiot. They forgot how easy it is to stand up for oneself.

I point and prod now. I twist and turn his stock phrases and shabby rhetoric. His wife looks down at the buggy in confusion and escalating shame. The child cries. The bully gets more and more ruffled, humiliated and wound up. Given a gun he would love to shoot me. [With love of course].

He now has a serious problem though. He can’t compete. He can’t answer even the simplest of questions, because I keep firing back with counter questions. He is contradicting himself at every juncture. He is sounding very silly and lost. He needs to get out of it.He needs to cut and run. He is deflated and flagging. He is out of breath. He wants to hide in the hole he has just dug for himself.

He tries to finish with a weak and cowardly ploy.” I will pray for you”. He even says it in a nice tone of voice because he knows that he is a beaten man,and he now fears because his credibility has turned to rubble.

I reply."You can’t pray for me because that means that you are talking to yourself and pretending to talk to someone else who isn’t there. When you pretend to pray you are really covering up and hiding in humiliation and coming to terms with your hatred towards yourself and your animosity towards me because I have beaten you.Talking to yourself andpretending that your imagined friend has spoken back to you makes you by definition Schizophrenic. So tell me are you schizophrenic and clinically insane”? He replies in an uncertain manner “I am not insane” I reply. “If you honestly believe that you are speaking to an invisible person and that this person is hearing you and communicating back to you and telling you things, then you are definitely Schizophrenic. And remember that this person that you have invented is one of colossal egotistical grandeur who in your mind would have created the universes and the multi-verses. You are pretending like an insecure child pretends when he or she is reading their christmas list to father christmas in anticipation. You are displaying classic signs of infantile delusions and a need to escape reality and live in a world of makebelieve. You are supposed to be a grown man. You have a wife and a child. You are supposed to display the countenance and responsibility of a father,

You can’t pray for me because that means that you are talking to yourself and pretending to talk to someone else who isn’t there He replies “Only god knows me, I know god speaks to me, I feel him”. I reply, “No that’s not what is happening. you are frightened of life and the stark reality of existence. You are scared of your own shadow. You are scared to live in the world as a man. You are frightened of tomorrow, next week, next year. You are even scared of this instance today. You want to leave and hide from me because I am making you look very stupid and you in turn are becoming more and more agitated and uncomfortable. Even your wife is looking away. These people witnessing this today will mock and laugh at you and they will never respect you ever again. The power of the bully is in the the act of a coward and what you have been mistaking for power is weakness”.

He mumbles “I only here as a servant sent by god to save people from the temptation of satan and his ways” I intervene. “You sir are speaking gibberish and making ludicrous claims without any evidence”. He interjects sharply,” I have evidence, it is all here in this book!” I reply immediately ”That is not evidence of any kind. I could bring out the Holy Koran, and would that be evidence for you?” He looks dumbfounded, “Well no, because that is not the book I believe in” I reply “Exactly! What you mistake for evidence is ignorance, and this ignorance and lack of any evidence that you call faith is personal fear leading to personal self loathing leading to a need to escape from life. These people know that you are trying to barter with nonsense and they will never give you the time of day ever again. And it is no good saying that down the line that you will be rewarded by a god. The simple fact is that you have to live and exist in this neighbourhood with these people. You can always move away from here if you have the money. But I don’t think that you have the money. And you have a good thirty to fifty years of your life left yet. Do you think that your wife wants to live a shunned and ridiculed existence for the rest of her life? Without respect life becomes unbearable”.

Lost for words he turns to the buggy for a glance at his child. He secretly acknowledges where this situation is going. He turns away and barks in defiant ignorance.“Hey, Murial shut the kid up, I think we are done here today.” But as he walks away he is limping like a lost dog. The wife follows passively holding back the fury of degradation because she knows that she will be back at the store tomorrow earning a dollar to keep this hopeless man going for another week. What a mess. The coward only liked to push and shove. The christian coward. The christian bully. The christian parasite never acknowledged the golden rule, “What goes around comes around”. The christian coward might slap an old defenceless lady today and call himself a christian hero but you can be guaranteed that the old ladies son will come around and slap the christian coward back twice as hard the next day!

What I learned:

Don’t get angry or violent. Be patient and stand your ground, be it for one second or five hours. These men are cowards and bullies and don’t like to be hit back. They get humiliated easily. When they are hit back by the blistering intellect and counter questioning of truth they will crumble and leave you alone.