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My Story

By Daniel Scott ~

My name is Daniel, I'm twenty-one years old. I come from a family of mostly Christians, as my parents both hold positions in their current church as Sunday school teachers. To be honest i want to come out about my atheism. I know it would break their hearts but at the same time I don't know what amount of backlash i can expect. To put this in perspective my one uncle (un-saved) is referred to as "the one to watch out for" whereas my dad (licensed through the Church of God) is the "god one" and constantly brags that "Every time my brother sees me he runs off cause I'm going to talk about one thing and that's God.". After over twenty years I'm sure he's tired of hearing about god, I know I am. My family is the type that'll fight for their rights, and only their rights as Christians, to be respected. They don't care that Pagans, Muslims, etc are human beings and have rights to. Especially the Gay Community. That's why i partially fear for myself as my family thinks those of other religions, beliefs and sexual orientations are below them and only deserve conversion or extermination.

I never really believed in anything, even from the time i was little. It was all just a play with the church being the stage and the 10% was our payment for admission. It should only take looking at the Bible itself to become an atheist. I'm sorry but how the hell is "Serve me or burn in hell." a choice? It's the same as a robber holding a gun to your head telling you if you don't hand over you're money they'll kill you. From those choices your decision is made. How is that free choice/love? Depending on what group of Christians (cause most Christians have different interpretations of the Bible, even the smallest things they defer on) when you get to heaven you're instantly wiped of either, all memory on earth, bad memories of earth etc. To assume it's only bad memories that are wiped. If a un-saved family member passed away that surely would be a bad memory that would be wiped. Also, wouldn't every memory be erased? Seeing that they died un-saved wouldn't it spark questions why you could remember good memories of them but not their presence in heaven? To be honest that is one of the things that made me take a look at what my parents believed and i decided i want no part in it. Would it not be better to die and simply exist no more after death, than to be completely wiped of your memory (picture your spouse, parents, friends etc) and be enjoying heaven as they burn in hell for eternity. To me christianity has become a religion of sexism, homophobia, racists and genocide. If you need a book to tell you how to be a good person, you're not. You're a dick with a "guidebook".

To be honest all this sounded like a rant. I'm mad at people for believing in fairy tales, but I'm also mad at myself for taking so long to come to this realization that just because you're brought up in something and everyone else around you is into it doesn't mean it's right. To a degree I'm certain I'm sure it's how kids just old enough to understand politics felt in Nazi Germany with Mein Kampf in every book-store.