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Fools Give You Reasons

By Carl S ~

Sometime in life, if you have believing parents, it begins. “God made you to serve him and to be happy with him in heaven.” You're expected to accept this as fact, along with the verifiable facts you learn, such as how to read, use numbers, and make a sandwich. Sometime later, if you're thinking, you realize that your parents actually made you; and if you think further, they didn't actually create “you” because they couldn't know what “you” would be, intentionally or not on their part. In fact, come to think of it, they merely passed on their genes, only re-creating another human.

What's the purpose of sex? Does that question even enter your head when you’re diving head-first into it? The fools will preach that the reason is conception; but that's like saying the purpose of eating is to sustain the body. In both cases, ignorance ignores reality in dogmatic assertions. Lovemaking and intimacy aren‘t “entered into” with a goal. We don’t eat strictly to sustain ourselves, but go into it to enjoy eating, and make love for itself, not primarily to make babies. (As one observer once quipped, “99% of people are caused by accident.” Not on purpose.)

Those same persons who are teaching you WHY “God” made you, are connecting the “reason” with purpose, i.e., WE are telling you that God is telling you that THIS is the reason/purpose for your existence. But think about it: the sperm and the ovum aren’t thinking about a you or not you in making their choices. (Although there is a theory that the ovum, like a female mammal, does appear to make a preference for a certain sperm cell, enticing it in.)

If we fellow back the progression of “you,” from parents to grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., we could honestly conclude that life is not only self-perpetuating but self-created. From that understanding, it’s a small step to follow back the history of the Earth, planets, and stars, and all matter, to see the entire universe as self-creating. And, that there is NO purpose/reason for all of it. Considering the chance of life originating as being trillions to one against it happening was still a chance, it’s easy to understand that your conception was most likely a one in a billion chance. The reasons? Purposes?

Non-religious humans appeal to reason over religious teachings and dogmas to solve our mutual misunderstandings. Their purpose is to create order and even tranquility, as much as is possible. The domestication of plants and animals also is part of a human reasonable order. Nature on its own couldn’t care less; it goes about procreating, killing, and surviving, without a guiding hand. We are the ones who create long-term reasons. There is no evidence of gods outside the gods imagined in minds.

There is no evidence of gods outside the gods imagined in minds.Ignorant people create explanations, reasons, out of ignorance, and when they can't, they claim that believing in “mystery” is MORE important than explanation. This is a cop-out. One of the problems with the people who are preaching some creator has purposes, is the fact that those fools have to keep “explaining” what the purposes are for you, but for everything. Throw the simple question at them, “What is the purpose of a 17 year locust?” and expect to hear the word “mystery.” Along with the tradition of a benevolent Creator who makes “all things bright and beautiful,” a creator (believed in by no less an Enlightenment thinker than Thomas Jefferson), who creates order in the universe, is the author of earthquakes, tsunamis, cancer; hardly beautiful or orderly. The fools who wear the sheep’s clothing of wise men have “answers” for these problems, but they are unreasonable answers.

Many virtuous persons will claim with absolute, immovable conviction that their purpose in life had been defined to them by “God.” Some will attest that they found their purpose alter surviving a traumatic event. Most will say that their deity had a purpose for them since birth, thus echoing the dogma taught them in childhood indoctrination. On the other hand, then, what was the purpose their god had in mind in “creating” Stalin, Mao, Hitler, “Satan,” Jeffrey Dahmer, the Boston strangler, and all the other psychopathic killers/mass murderers? Adolph Hitler firmly believed, just as strongly as the aforementioned virtuous persons, that Providence destined him to dictate to and dominate Germany. He also believed that so many failed assassination attempts were divine testimonials to this. In addition to Hitler, the torturers of the Inquisition (the Taliban today, and perhaps we might include the religious righteous) believed with all their hearts that THEIR PURPOSE on Earth was not only to rid the world of witches and heretics and anyone else they deem enemies of God, but to secure and promote what they firmly believe is his purpose for humankind.

Does it matter whether or not people believe there is a purpose for their lives, for the way the world works, for the universe? Well, yes, for the rest of us, not only them. They can do a lot of good, whether they do or not, but they can surely do a lot of evil, too. The examples mentioned attest to this, profoundly. Religious or new age “explanations” of reasons for, and purpose, are based on ignorance and conjecture, not observations. Reality does not support the fantasies. And reality matters.

But fools will continue to give their reasons.