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3 Strikes And You're Out, With God

By summerbreeze ~

I haven't been visiting for quite a while now, and I've missed my almost daily conversations with you all. I feel that I need your help / input on something that has come up in my life.

I know that I've talked about my ultra-fundy Brother, Sister-in-law and my two Nieces who live in the buckle of the bible belt. They think that I'm a christian, and the reason for that is because if I come out to them, they will not only disown me, but will disown my Daughters and their families. Over the years, our family has dwindled down to just a very few ( with the deaths of 'the Elders' unfortunately ). it's important to keep the ties with the Tennessee clan going, as much as I hate the religious crap-o-la that goes with it.

Long story short, in the last month I've had 3 not-so-great things happen health wise.

I want you to know sincerely that I am NOT asking for sympathy or anything like that. After all, there are people out there with much much worse circumstances than mine.

You'll understand later on down why I have to tell you these things.

I guess things really do come in 3's. First I found out that I have 3 cervical vertebrae with bony 'spurs' closing in on my spinal cord.

In order to prepare for the spinal cord operation I had to have a complete physical. It was found ( to my shock ) that I have Type II Diabetes with a number of 389. This sent me into a deep depression, because I am of normal weight, go to a Gym 5 days a week, am into vitamins, herbs, homeopathic medicines, don't smoke or drink.

The 3rd thing, was that because of my being 'down', I decided to up my time and the weights at the Gym ( but I did it slowly ). I thought that the extra activity would make me feel better.....low and behold, within 2 days I ended up with 2 compression fractures in 2 different lumbar vertebrae. The pain ( even with pain medications ) has been unimaginable.

I hope by now I don't sound like I'm having a pity-party.

Now to the gist of the story...

With the 1st event, my bible belt family were supportive and said they would offer up prayers and have their church offer up prayers. By the time the 3rd thing happened ( my Husband had called them right after the MRI ) they were very subdued. When I got home my Brother and Sister-in-law called to say that they had given the situations within the last month a lot of thought.........I NEEDED TO GET THINGS RIGHT WITH GOD, BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH FAITH IN GOD, OR LOVE FOR THE LORD, AND HE WAS SENDING A MESSAGE TO ME.

I tell you, if I weren't a Mother and Grandmother, who wanted my kids to have family, I would have ended our relationship right then and there ( with a lot of shouting on my part no doubt ).

This is what fundamentalist religion does. It erases an important part of the brain that makes us loving, forgiving, tolerant and compassionate......all things that we are born with, but is killed off by faith and belief in something that only poisons and corrodes.

I really would appreciate hearing from you, if you have ever been in a similar situation, or heard of anyone who has been.

I am coping the best I can with this "betrayal", but it would be

heartening to learn how others have coped in similar situations, and if they could 'let it go'.

Thanks Guys !