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Don't Blame God

By Carl S ~

Welcome to the Blame Game Age. Should God also be blamed? Under polytheism, gods were specialized, and could be blamed for specific calamities, absences, and lack of responses. But, since monotheism came to predominate, every age is the Age of Blaming a God Who Never Apologizes, Never Explains.

But you can't blame God when bad things happen to good people, or hideous things happen to very good people, as when they are abducted, or raped, tortured, and frequently killed. Blame those who do these things using their “free will;” something their victims are deprived of by their perpetrators. But don’t blame almighty God for not doing anything to prevent them, because God is always the fallback exemption from responsibility. Neither can you blame God for telling his very own agents to commit crimes in his name, no matter what reasons.

You can't blame God because his Books have caused so much confusion and brought so much misery to humankind, nor for the millions of hours and thousands of lives spent devoted to translating and interpreting those books and making sure they continue being handed down through centuries. Yes, millions of hours have been dedicated to proving that those Words of God in those books cannot possibly, ever, contradict themselves, even as they do. You can’t blame God, after all, if those who believe in those interpreting those Words become angry when you mention the contradictions; why, believers died in defending them!

Don't blame God for being a “He” and not a “She,” when God is a “Spirit.” The “He” title was pasted on God by humans, notably Jesus.

Neither is it God's fault that the climate in Africa is so frequently manic-depressive, schizophrenic, either. Too much heat, or too much drought or saturating rain, feast or famine, starvation, plagues, animal killing animal constantly; these are not the systems of an all-caring deity. They are to be blamed on demons, and/or Adam and Eve, but usually on humans themselves (bad to the bone from birth, according to Genesis 8, v. 21).

Don't blame God nor require an explanation for his absence in our deepest times of troubles, physically and mentally. And nobody should really blame God because terrorists get their pathological joys from destroying public buildings with innocent civilians inside, or schools with children in them (who are sometimes shot on sight, or kidnapped). Neither can you blame God for not denying these and other killers their weapons, and thus preventing them from plotting and executing their plans, while God knew all these things before the beginnings of time.

And please don't have the audacity to blame God for not answering the prayers of mothers who, by the thousands each day, watch and pray as their children die of starvation, disease, and at the hands of murderers. He lets misfortunes, like his rain, floods, tornadoes, mudslides, and earthquakes fall on the just and unjust alike.

Don't blame God nor require an explanation for his absence in our deepest times of troubles, physically and mentally. We must not ask, also, how a woman with Alzheimer’s disease, who cannot recognize her children or past or future life, can then die and “awaken” after dying with all her faculties restored . . . as a young lady. We cannot blame God or his representatives for giving us an answer to this question which makes no sense at all.

Do not blame God for revealing without confusion his absolute and irrefutable truths to Moses, Joseph Smith, Jesus, Mohammed, St. Paul, Zoroaster, L. Ron Hubbard, and all other prophets and evangelists even in our present days. God's absolute and irrefutable truths spoken through them have cost the lives of many believers and non-believers alike, to obtain their promised eternal rewards. Those who have destroyed for his rewards make this choice because they have free will endowed on them by God. You can’t blame God for the choices suicide bombers make, or those of both the Islamic and Religious Right American Talibans. He is not to blame for the hundreds of Christian sects who disagree with each other, and Mideast sects at war with one another. God likes variety, and his truths, forever immutable and unchangeable, follow the systems of evolution.

We cannot blame God for creating conscienceless psychopathic murderers, or lovingly tender Down’s syndrome children, or for the perpetual varieties of narrow-minded, rigid, and arrogant clerics who he has chosen to speak for him continually.

Do not blame God for theologians and clerics. Theology is like the game show “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, where the questions about subjects really truly not worth knowing take on significance only because large sums of money are rewarded for guessing the correct answers. The difference between those contestants and theologians and clerics is that, whereas the contestant is rewarded for the correct answer, the others are rewarded for their made-up “answers.” Explanations by them of God’s will via scriptures is their brand of Trivial Pursuit; a game of unreality, as these examples show.

And speaking of reality: The real reason why we cannot blame God is because God is fiction. It’s that simple.