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Since When Has The Presence Of A Cross Helped Anyone....Ever ?

By summerbreeze ~

What I saw in the T.V. coverage of that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus accident a while ago, got me to thinking.

Before the accident, they showed the women hanging and twirling from their hair and I noticed a silver colored cross in the middle of that contraption that they hung from. Yeah, what an excellent idea....hang a cross there, and then there's no need for a net !

The women all said that the act is very painful, but it is a "tradition" in several circuses. Suddenly I saw red flags. It had the smell of domineering patriarchal men all over it. ( let the weemon folk suffer ). Methinks that if the situation were reversed, and say, those men were to hang by their underarm hair, it might be a short lived "tradition".

Christians look upon the cross as a symbol of their faith and a symbol of Gods' protection. I ask, WHEN has God protected any human being, or animal for that matter ?

Think of all the wars where churches themselves have been bombed to the ground, and the cross was the first to go. Recently in the bible belt, twisters flattened believers homes. How many crosses were in those homes ?

I guess the situation that makes me the maddest, is how christians gushed about "the cross" that stood afterwards at Ground Zero. You all have seen it....just two cross-beams that are merely a part of every structure, nothing more, nothing less. But to believers, that is proof of Gods presence. Well where was "Gods presence" when the two planes went into the buildings ? Where was "He" when 100 tragic people jumped to their deaths.....why didn't "He" summon angels to guide them safely down ?

Ask these questions to believers, and all you get is the usual pat answers = "the lord has his reasons, it is not our place to question him".

I have wondered before about the crosses that you see dangling from rear-view mirrors. I wonder how many of them are still mangled in wrecked vehicles in auto graveyards.

How many young girls and women had crosses around their necks when they were abducted ?

The thing about crosses, is that it gives people a false sense of security and protection. ( why lock the back door, the lord loves me and won't allow anything bad to happen to me ).

I'm sure that I won't see it in my lifetime, but the day that people burn their bibles and crosses will be a wonderful day for common sense and reason.