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By D. Hevel ~

I was raised in a very conservative, religious Christian family, and although I never felt comfortable with any of it, I accepted it. I accepted it because I really thought there was something wrong with me and that perhaps I was not normal. However, ever the course of many years, I have personally gone through both a political and religious awakening. As a result of my upbringing, I considered myself a Christian and married a devote Catholic, and raised my sons as Catholic. I was also very conservative politically and being in the military, also had all this sense of patriotism instilled in me. Unfortunately, this awakening evolved over time and came late in my life. It also puts me in conflict with my family, who all remain conservative, religious types. I will also say that as a result of the religious and patriotic brainwashing I was exposed to, there were times when I experienced some feelings of guilt. Overtime, any guilt as gone away, I feel strong in my beliefs.

While the wife and family donate to the church, I donate to atheist movements; preferably the more radical ones like the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and follow the political minds of people like Sunsara Taylor, who is described as a writer for Revolution newspaper and an uncompromising atheist.

I despise religion and would prefer a godless world, but I acknowledge that not everyone is as enlightened. Forcing religion on child, however, is a form of child abuse. No child should ever be baptized forced to attend church or be exposed to religion. I would prefer to see churches gone, but if they must exist, they should be taxed and regulated like any other business. While I believe the pledge of allegiance is a waste of time, I actively support any actions leading the removal of god from the pledge, much like I support removing god from all military oaths and so forth. Abortion should be a woman’s choice, and be available on demand, but as long as religious organizations continue to interfere, this will not become a reality. I also see a strong link between religion and patriotism. Both are a form of brainwashing, which do harm.

I would encourage anyone to denounce religion and especially Christianity, and I also suggest reading some of the ideas put forth by socialist and communist organizations, especially on the topic of religion, churches and atheism.