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The Word of God Hoax

By Carl S ~

There is NO Word of God; ONLY the Words of Men. It‘s that simple. Get over it. Now go in peace and get on with your life.

The greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the human race: this ”Word of God. “We can guarantee that men wrote those words. From the very start, “In the beginning...,” it's obvious. Writers would need a language and the means to impart it in order to write such a statement. In other words, the writers were not there in the beginning before they existed! Those men were just making stuff up to explain the world around them, and maybe having fun to boot. Without proof or questions, they simply declared their most outrageous interpretations to be “the “word of God.”
For example, being “authorities” on the word of God, if one of them got sick as the result of eating not fully cooked pork, why then they declared that God forbids the eating of pork! If one of them had an allergic reaction to seafood, then God bans it! And if one really wanted to make a baby boy suffer in order to test a parent's loyalty . . . why, these were the words of God to us. They kept piling up the ”words.” Get it?

On the other hand, if some of them imbibed chemicals, poisonous plants, lived on top of a toxic gas leak, went much too long without sleep and food in the desert, etc., and had “revelations” thereby, why then , what they said under the influence is the ”word of God.” Any deluded nutcases with enough self delusion can write such scriptures - those alleged “words of God.” And it's clear those men couldn’t keep their own stories straight. We can understand how ancient tribes were thirsty to understand why the world works the way it does, and what caused it to begin. They were afraid, ignorant, and gullible; ripe for the picking. Surprise! The con is still successful, eons later, for the “word of God is forever!”

There is NO Word of God; ONLY the Words of Men. It‘s that simple. Get over it. Now go in peace and get on with your life.You can bet your last dollar that when someone uses the “word of God” as justification for actions or as commands you must follow for your moral compass, you're being set up for exploitation by that person. It's traditional, it‘s from the beginning and ever shall be. And being god-words of men, their meanings can be twisted, morphed, interpreted, and searched through as if they were true. The great hoax lies in asserting that they are true beyond all known truth and inquiry; those words of men.

Carl Sagan once said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Religions deny this, which should be a huge red flag violently waving to warn humankind. (One difference between a believer and this non-believer is basically, “You trust your clergyman and I don’t.” Note to clergy: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.) So where is the extraordinary proof for those extraordinary claims?

Let‘s consider just some of the evidence that the most extraordinary scriptural claims are false to begin with: No “in the beginning” witnesses. There is absolutely no evidence of a great drowning of all animal and vegetable life on Earth. Egypt has no records of Israelites as slaves there, nor of a Moses dwelling there. There was no Roman census at the time when “Jesus” was born. No historians wrote of the Jesus of the gospels and his wondrous miracles, death, alleged rising from the dead, etc... all extraordinary claims! These were all fabricated decades after his alleged existence ended. And yet those writings are proclaimed the “word of God,” before which every knee shall bend, which every government in the West shall honor! Quite a con job, that.

Do you have any idea how many millions have already needlessly suffered and died because made-up nonsense of ignorant, clever manipulators has been taken seriously? Do you have any idea of how much money has been made by “experts on the Word of God” telling people what the purposes of their lives are? Or by those telling them they were created for a purpose in the first place, and that purpose is to live according to the “living words of God?” (Those words dependent on birthplace and/or which denomination’s version got to the natives first.) The bottom line is that the words of men spoken as the authoritative words of a god are used as the ultimate no- questions -asked authority! And the message underlying these words is: humankind is basically evil, so humankind needs to be controlled using the word of God as absolute authority. What an attitude those writers had! And what a con job on those who don't question them.

Feel free to question. If you choose to question the” word of god hoax” for yourself, read scriptures, sermons, and apologists, with the critical attitude that humans made up the words of that deity, as they have for every other one. Just remember that whenever humans believe ridiculous things very seriously, trouble is waiting to erupt, both in the inner person and society. (Adolph Hitler knew this well.)

When a man walks out into a crowd in an evening gown while wearing a pointed hat, and spews forth the “word of God,” don’t you wonder why his faithful treat him as a “reverend father?” Could there be any better examples of nutcases out there than the ones with bibles in hand, quoting the “word of God” which are actually the words of men, from ancient books no more worthy of value than any other books of made-up stories? Consider all the sects, crusades, sharia laws, the persecutions and killings of heretics and blasphemers in these religions, every one of them sanctified by “the words of God.”

But swear allegiance to those words? No; rather, reveal that the emperor has no clothes.

Note: Another school shooting, in New Mexico. CNN news broadcast a tape of a congregation praying in church shortly after. That scene didn’t stay on very long, but I noticed at least one member with an uplifted arm. We've seen whole congregations, hundreds of believers, with raised arms, praying and praising. It wasn’t until tonight that I asked myself what was so familiar about this, the “Where have I seen this before?” Of course, in films of the Nuremberg Nazi rallies! Come to think of it, both Mussolini and Hitler required that very same salute. Don’t these participants realize they are imitating the sign of subservience to a dictator?