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Five-year exodus: From church to freedom

By Joshua Vernon Fisher ~

I left the church in my 20s. I had started having doubts about the religious teachings being taught in my evangelical church. The hatred spewed forth from the pulpit was in direct contradiction to the "love thy neighbor" commandment we had been given during sunday school as children. How could we hate the LGBT community, and yet say that we love all those who god created?

Eventually I was kicked out of my church for questioning these teachings, and slowly I lost my faith in god.

I cannot say for certain when I "fell away," as many people of faith would put it, but I can say that after being away from the church for five years, after realizing the truths of logic, reason and science, I no longer feel that I "need" a creator to make me feel like my life has meaning, as I suspect many people of faith feel. I am free to live my life without guilt of enjoying things that the church would have us feel guilty about. I can have sex, I can enjoy a beer, curse, enjoy any kind of music, all because I do not have the fear of retaliation or retribution that the church instills in us from a very young age.

One day, Humanity may well evolve to the point where a need for a creator or savior will be a breif blip in our past. we will embrace logic, reason and the sciences and realize that the meaning of life is to enjoy the one you have until your final breath.

There is nothing waiting for us at the end of our lives, so we must enjoy each moment we have, while we have it.