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Why I'm Not A Christian Anymore

By Myra ~

I'm not a christian anymore because of all the different religions I have come across, Christians are the most judgmental little pricks I've met. They tell people they're going to hell for being gay or not being a Christian and they JUSTIFY it by saying "In the name of God" or "this is want Jesus said" or something stupid like that.

Protesters preach love and tolerance
Protesters preach love and tolerance

(Photo credit: The UpTake)
I mean, the people who were involved in 9/11 were Islamic, and you call everyone in their religion evil and stupid and see them ALL as Satan. That's stupid.

You can bash everyone else's religion, but when someone says something about Jesus or God you flip out and swear and yell and carry on. I'm pretty sure Jesus said you should love your enemies.

Also, I'm tired of these Christians shoving their religion down other people's throats. I mean, c'mon! Are you serious? Be mature. Let them believe whatever they want to believe, and you believe whatever you want.

I don't see Buddhists or Islamic people going around shoving their religion down your throat, but knowing you, you'd punch them in the face and say, "It's god's will."

I understand that not every Christian is like this. Most of my family is Christian. and even though they have their moments of hating people who don't share their beliefs. I still think of them as good people and better than most Christians;