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Man always gets it wrong

From Marc ~

My Story is precisely the opposite of yours. I've read the same articles and the same messages propagated by atheist agenda. My initial distrust in Religion was fed by the would be Christians dominating the headlines. I'd see a public figure who represents a church somewhere with a strong constitution saying and doing things that are not a reflection of Jesus and his teaching. This is repeated over and over again in society. I believe you quit your learning to early. The messages you have received from the internet sites are not accurate. To many prosperity sermons, or intolerance sermons or fear sermons. These are not the message. Being a Christian should be hard not easy, as I have found, It means thinking of others and not yourself. It means living for God. I struggle with this daily.

One thing is clear when it comes to the Bible and Prophecies, Man always gets it wrong. When people try to Predict the ways of God, they simply develope expectations and assumptions and the perpetuate arguments rain on. When all is said and done, God does exactly what he says, it ways we can not possibly have imagined.

Jesus was one of those ways. Indeed, the Jews at the time had something else in mind when they were waiting for a Messiah. At first they Cheered him, worshiped him, praised him, When he did not live up to their mortal expectations, they abandoned him. Jesus knows we lack faith, Indeed, those that were with him, saw his miracles and did miracles in his name, lost faith, denied him and fell into a state of unbelief. These people ate with him at the same table, spoke with him, saw with there own eyes. Come back to god, look into it again without expectations or fear or confusion. Reach for the message that is in the gospels. Understand the dynamics of the time period. Dynamics like, Linguistic Hyperbole and Mnemonics.

lastly, I felt much the same way about Paul, but I didn't understand at first, then I did. Here is something to consider: No printing presses, most people were illiterate, many uneducated. Paul was a prominent figure because he was educated. What is asked of us is not what was asked of Paul. Paul knew with out faith, Paul had direct contact with Jesus. We are asked to believe without knowing and when we do we are blessed.

As you continue this crusade against Christians, ask yourself, are you really in a better place. Help fix what is wrong. I wish you success and enlightenment about the gospels.