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Full of contradictions

By The Educated ~

I was raised into Christianity from birth. Ever since I can remember, I was going to church, forced of course, by an indoctrinating family. I even had a brief stint around age 13 in which I became enamored with the concept of god and Christianity. So why did my beliefs falter?

I could say that I became more educated, but that would raise offense to many people. I began to learn of all of the insane contradictions of the Christian faith.

First, it came from Judaism, but somehow Christians were able to pick and choose what to believe from the old testament. So a magical man appearing from a virgin birth suddenly throws out all of the old laws and ways of the origin of your religion?

Second, biblical verses, all the way from the beginning to the end reference the followers of god as "Jews." Even in revelation, god's chosen people are Jews, so what are Christians so worried about anyway?

Third, the concept of sin is completely far fetched. God apparently is not capable of committing sin, since he is perfect, but by his own laws, he committed sin. God killed people. God was angry and wrathful, destructive and jealous. If killing is a sin, then why can god do it? Why have most of this world's wars been fought over god?

Fourth, many religions/cults existed centuries before the first applicable history of even Judaism. So by what logic may we deduce that Jews and Christians have been worshiping since the dawn of intelligent man?

Fifth, speaking of intelligence, if the fruit that Eve supposedly ate contained all of god's knowledge, wouldn't we have advanced so rapidly in intelligence that we wouldn't have clear evidence of evolution's effects on our intelligence?

Sixth, why has god's presence become so scarce since the advent of newer technology and discovery of the different aspects of science?

To expand upon some rationales for why I denounced Christianity, once one becomes further educated, it's easier to make sense of the world, our interactions, and the universe as a whole without resorting to fictional tales about some angry man in the sky. It seems entirely improbable, given the immensity of our universe, that a "god" would have created such a thing and somehow made only humans on earth the only intelligent beings. Even on the microscopic scale, once one can understand the inner workings of our bodies, bacteria, and even on the atomic and quantum scales, we see a profound shift in our belief system. Most people would like to think that some invisible and intelligent entity governs the workings of the micro and macro, but even then, the complexity of understanding how a "god" could do such a thing is beyond the scope of our reasoning.

If god were anything, it would be something completely undetectable, and likely would not want to be detected anyway, let alone be worshiped. God would likely be some force that drives all of the workings of the entire universe. God would not be a spirit, anything that could communicate with life in an intelligible way, or anything that would demand a cult like following that punishes those who do not believe. Why would we even need to believe in something we would never be able to measure? The same thing happens to us all when we die. Christians worry so much about the afterlife that they are willing to sacrifice their time, their sanity, and even their own human nature to gratify something that we can never even know in a conscious setting. If Christianity is about morality, then why are so many of them so immoral? Why do they slanderize the natural happenings of biology? Why do they burn down abortion clinics and kill doctors, beat homosexuals, and curse in the faces of non-believers? You have to knowingly commit sin to reach salvation? We all sin do we? Sin is human nature according to Christians. If my mere existence is evil in the eyes of god, then why do I even exist?

I do not let the fear of eternal suffering keep me bound to such a ridiculous cult anymore. What does death feel like? Have you ever completely passed out before? Imagine that. Imagine sleeping for the rest of time without dreaming or waking up. It's eternal rest, not heavenly bliss or suffering. Or maybe, just maybe, the atoms of our bodies are re-dispersed into the universe to become new life, and we become a part of that. Who knows? Who really cares? Live your life as you see fit, and not let some several thousand year old book determine what you do.