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Saved and in the Light

By Barbara Grimes Piazza ~

Three months ago, I was saved from Jehovah and Jesus. Now, the lyrics of Christian hymns dance joyfully in my mind. "I'm saved how I love to proclaim it", "...and the burdens of my heart rolled away...", "..Life now is sweet and my joy is complete for I'm saved, saved, saved"!!! I feel like I can breathe freely for the first time.

The one miracle in my life is that I escaped the clutches of that abusively patriarchal god. It took 50 years because I remained psychologically bound to my "God the Father" in spite of his psychopathic demeanor - his arbitrariness, withholding, favoritism, hardheartedness, egomania, perfectionism, and conflicting instructions.

I wish I knew how to explain to family and friends, but they won't hear. They're like C.S. Lewis' little dwarfs, sitting in the full sunlight, calling the light darkness.

The delicious sensations of my heart, the freedoms ringing that I no longer have to bow down and worship a god who will not love, will not protect, will not care for...and who is content to leave the world a vast pool of sufferings. With all my heart, I wish there were a god of kindness, but better no god than the god of the Bible - new or old testament.