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Homophobia, Lasciviousness, Religion and Celibacy

By Caroline Reznicek ~

Certainly, not all men fall into these categories that I will mention here, but you guys know who you are and should be secure in that knowledge enough to think about what I am saying about your "brothers".

The only reason any man is homophobic is his own mind on hormones. Just as in some cultures a woman must be covered completely, it is only the ugly testosterone driven thoughts of his own being that make him think in a lascivious way. He dwells on what goes on sexually. So because his own lack of control, his own failure at controlling himself, he has a feeling in the back of his mind that he might also be homosexual. He is afraid of himself. Being a "homo" is a big "NO NO" in his mind, but nasty thoughts of women are just "macho".

Not only Christianity, but other religious views support him in this thinking. So he then oppresses others by calling THEM sinners and/or temptresses. I think it should be called to your attention here that there are VERY FEW women who are either homophobic or lascivious in the same way as men are. If any women are perceived as homophobic, it is usually religiously driven. Here, again, I should point out that religions and their view points are All male driven institutions. Their hierarchies are mostly, very guardedly, composed of men. This is used, of course, as a means of control by imposing the thoughts and interpretations of one mind onto the minds of many.

I believe that ANY man who finds himself at the mercy of his own hormones should seriously consider having himself surgically castrated. This also should also be considered by those who wish to live a celibate life as they don't wish to procreate or marry anyway.

Just to set the record straight, I am NOT a man-hater. I am a 73 year old married grandmother who happens to hate bullying of any kind and I think this falls into that realm of thought.