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The True Beauty of the Anti-Christ

By C.T. Ogden ~

Recently, a friend and I were discussing religion in a comparative sense. During our discussion of the good and evil aspects of faith and belief in monotheistic ideologies, we began to explore the idea of the Anti-Christ. What we discovered through our discussion was…beautiful.

Beauty can take many forms; a child, a woman, a landscape, an idea, etc. In this forum, the beauty I have found was in the Irony. Only a perfectly evil and methodical mind could construct so perfect a fail-safe as that of the Anti-Christ. Allow me to elaborate.

To look at the Anti-Christ in a Biblical sense, he is one that will embody the personality of Christ, but will ultimately deny salvation to his people. Essentially, and to most Christians, he is a man who will end all war, unite the world, and bring an era of peace before Armageddon that follows the rapture. Now let us subtract the ridiculous from this statement; the rapture, Armageddon, salvation, and the destruction of the earth through biblical means. Let us entertain the notion that God in fact does not exist, none of these events will occur, the church is an organization that is using mankind, and the Anti-Christ is simply a personality the subscribers of faith are ever seeking and labeling.

When viewed from that perspective, the Anti-Christ is simply any man who seeks peace, love, and understanding of all mankind. Insert any name you wish; any age or any nationality, any race, creed, color sexuality. As long as this person seeks to end the evil and injustice of this earth, that person is the Anti-Christ and therefore an enemy to faith and its followers. Therein lays the true beauty of this person.

It is not his mission or his purpose. It is not his story or his fantasy. The Irony is that a group so focused on the goodness and morality of man leads its followers to ultimately reject a like minded leader, and leave them ever searching and praying for a peace that will never come. The church cannot withstand the presence of a person with man’s best interests at heart. Should any man attempt to embody the goodness and wholeness of “Christ” and lead others to do so, he will be lashed out against and considered evil for doing so.

The idea of the Anti-Christ serves to protect the evils and inconsistencies of religion. It maintains and guards an ever evolving injustice that is the degradation of a whole and pure state of mind. It defends the impure and atrostic crimes of faith against mankind by making the idea of purity in man look evil. It perpetuates these ideas and prevents any man from leading society out of the darkness and into the light of true human morality and peace. Should any man ever stand up and speak for the equality and well being of the earth, he will be labeled as the truest form of evil society will ever see. In true and perfect form, the church need not say anything; their followers have been programmed to label good men as evil.

If the church is to be looked at for what it really is; one would find a very ugly organization. They give us an ideological view of a man whom they could not embody in any way whatsoever. The Church itself is the opposite of the qualities of their “Christ”, and inevitably holds people to their sin and unworth. They force illogical and chaotic states of mind upon their followers, and shield their evil and indecency with promises of salvation and a sense of belonging. The Anti-Christ would be the first individual to free man from the bonds of his faith, and open his mind to the true potential and beauty of mankind.

Another form of irony here is that “Christ” himself is the catalyst that would topple the church. Over the course of two thousand years, many men have stepped forward and attempted to out the church for the evils they commit to. Many times have people seen the atrocities of the church and seeked to free men from its grasp. The faith cannot have this; they are fulfilled and powered by the evil they commit in true ironic form. They must cast down all forms of good on this earth so that they may appear to be the purest institution available.

If the Church stands above all evil and sends forth judgment in the place of god, they themselves are the perpetrators of the idea of evil. The faith must go forward and condemn all lesser evil to hide the truth of their own injustice; the condemnation and control of the biologically evolving minds and perceptions of man.

Faith is a business, and just like any business they must protect their investment. This investment is your soul, and all competitors must be labeled as evil and shunned away from exposing the truth. No one may enrich your soul but the church. The truth is so simple though; the organizational belief in a single god is the truest form of evil that exists on this earth. Whether the evil is committed directly or indirectly, the church is not only responsible for every form of conflict on this earth, it also serves to drive the minds of men into utter chaos. It gives men an utter disregard for the sanctity and beauty of human life through ludicrous notions of eternity and omnipotence.

Here’s the kicker though; the faith knows what they’ve done. They know, whether behind closed doors or collectively in the sub-conscience of their congregation, that a truly good human being will bring about the collapse of organized and denominational faith. The church must invest effort to demonize and disrupt the positive psychological development of human beings. Positive traits in man are akin to the traits of Christ, and thus akin to the traits of the Anti-Christ. The idea is to give man the illusion that they can never achieve the purity and good nature of “Christ”. Should any man ever do so, he must be vilified. By vilifying the charismatic qualities of any leader with objectives of good nature, you also vilify the preaching of peace and love and the development of the intelligent good nature of man. As we’ve learned, the quickest way to lose a religion is to find an education.

The situation in whole is dire to say the least. You will only find acceptance in the faith by succumbing to the prescribed doctrine that is in actuality an acceptance of the death of reason. Or you can stand outside the faith and attempt to bring men together under true ideals. You can attempt to teach peace and camaraderie amongst all races, only to ultimately be labeled as evil and shunned as a false prophet.

Take your pick, but a false prophet is only false to those who oppose his beliefs. In this case the opposition is truly evil, and has proven their evil to all of man and condemned the dissidents. They have defended their fallacy with inane accusations of the demonic origins of good wholesome men. Finally, they have shown their intent to control mankind and deprive him of intellectual enlightenment by scorning and condemning the peace and unification of society.

The true beauty of the Anti-Christ is that he is that solution to the equation. He is the sum of all fear and doubt that will end the emotional enslavement of mankind. THAT….is the definition of Irony.


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