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Crazy Christians

By Tyler ~ 

OK, so there is a heaven and there is a hell. 

  • On the way to heaven:  a person must be of good character and not break any rules
  • On the other hand: if you do break rules, you must go to hell.
So, let me get this straight. All your life you sin, sin, sin. Then, one day, just admit your sin aloud to other sinners and you will instantly propel yourself towards the eternal land of righteous rewards?

I highly doubt this is the way it would work. Sounds to me like the corrupted mentality of those crazy bible-thumpers that took over Africa. Africans got the Bible while the white "fathers" got the land. Interesting.

I am equally sure white "fathers" were on a righteously peaceable mission when  handing out guns for natives to use against each other (and ultimately destroy each other). And the gold and silver-grab thing by white "fathers" was just good ol' Christian home-cooking values, right?

Didn't their Jesus say "Don't desire the things of the world?" I guess gold, silver and even slaves didn't make the things-of-the-world list, huh?

Christians, Muslims and the rest are nothing more than deceivers and liars who enslave people and the enslaved people think they are doing right.