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What I believe

By Jerry ~

I am a senior man who would consider himself an agnostic when it comes to belief in a creator of the universe, but an atheist who rejects the idea that there is a loving being wishing the best for mankind.

Because of the design of the earth itself and the completely hostile environments of the planet, I believe we are more of an accident then a purposeful creation.

I don’t accept the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or pagan gods.

I had been involved with Jehovah's Witnesses in my youth and Christian Evangelical Fundamentalists most recently. I found both to be equally troubling for various reasons. However, my wife is still a staunch Pentecostal, and I must at least pretend in order to keep my marriage. But, in my heart I know the Bible was a book written by men and not at all accurate or inspired by anything other than their imaginations.

One only need to study the Old Testament to see that not only was God a monster, but compared with the New Testament it’s a completely different religion. Yet, I am supposed to believe Jesus is the God of the Old Testemant? They (those gods) couldn’t be more different.

I believe in love and good people. Even when evil triumphs, I will be the best person I know how to be.