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Joy Unspeakable, Toxic Faith and Rose Colored Glasses

Joy Hopper, a well respected contributor here, submitted 24 articles under the pseudonym "Undercover Agnostic." After making peace with her new atheist reality, she moved on from Ex-C and wrote a  memoir about her deconstruction of faith.

The faith Joy inherited at the age of three worked for almost fifty years. She believed it, preached it, wrote songs about it, lived it. Jesus was the center of her universe, literally and metaphorically. Hence, one can only imagine the tsunami that followed when her ironclad theological foundation unexpectedly and involuntarily collapsed with a deafening thud.

Joy's narrative chronicles her experiences of indoctrination from a young child to the present, as viewed through her rose-colored glasses. From early neglect to domestic violence, she shares how her distorted lens of faith turned every obstacle into an object lesson and every injustice into a refining tool. She exposes the toxicity of a religion that promises unspeakable joy amidst the backdrop of terror and violence. Joy offers hope to others who, like her, have found the courage to walk away and discover the world is even more beautiful without the enhanced overlay of religion.

Her book Joy Unspeakable, Toxic Faith and Rose Colored Glasses, has been added to our recommended book selections.

Also available in Kindle Format here: Joy Unspeakable